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Every year, we come across thousands of cases where people commit suicide. The World Health Organization estimates that over 800,000 people die by suicide each year – that’s one person every 40 seconds. The reasons are many. Some are being betrayed, some have lost near and dear ones, some are loaded with guilt, some considered them worthless, some are abused, some are frustrated with life’s struggle and the list continues.

Even the popular and rich people are not untouched by this tendency. In recent times only, we read about few actresses who ended their lives because of some betrayal. Was this the solution? Did they gain anything from it? Were the culprits punished? Does it give happiness to the people who truly love them especially, parents whose love is unconditional? The answer for each and every question raised is a big NO.


Life is a big struggle for many and is certainly not a bed of roses for any. The magnitude of struggle which one faces in life may vary, but it does exist in some form. Situations may seem to go out of hand at times. Everybody seems to leave by your side. World may seem to close down on you so much, so that you may find it difficult to breathe. The mind may be full of only negativity.

No hope to hold, no person to trust, no reason to live. I can understand that there are situations and moments in life when such thoughts come into our mind.  But hold on, it is just a matter of split seconds where you can decide to end your life or choose to spread unconditional love and make your birth worthwhile. Take a minute, change a life. Take a minute to think about the pain and suffering being felt by every single person impacted by suicide. Do spill up the bottled up emotions with someone or take counseling.


We have to understand that our life is the biggest gift from God and is the most precious thing one can have. We humans are blessed to have the ability to think, reason, read, write, influence, love and so on. We are considered most intelligent species on earth, yet sometimes in life we commit such act which no individual in right sense of might will commit.

We have never heard of any animal having committed suicide even though their life at many times is at the mercy of humans like us. Then what life situations can make one so weak that they decide to end their life without thinking of any pros and cons.


If you do not want to live for yourself at that moment, decide to live for the others who don’t even have the ability to think on these lines. There are people with special needs for whom you can become entire world, there are people at old age homes discarded by their own children but they have not lost hope till the last stage of their life, there are patients with incurable diseases still having hand to hand combat with inevitable death. Go visit them once, and you will know how precious your life is, in spite of all the odds.

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The world is full of such gritty people who rose against all odds to become the role model of millions. They gave ray of light to the ones who have lost all their positivity.  This year in India, the Para-Olympians brought incredible laurels to our country. If they can change the course of their life, why can’t you.  Go get up and live your life. Make even death struggle to snatch life from you. Say yes to life.

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Sharing is Caring-