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Oh! What a success you have achieved. (TOUCHWOOD), says a superstitious person.

Does a piece of wood really decide the scale of our success or failure? It is amazing to know that this orthodox thinking is still prevalent in the twenty-first century. How can we become so sure about this thing?

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India is known to be the land of superstitions. From the nimbu Mirchi totka to hanging a shoe in front of the shop or house, from the black magic to not washing hair on Thursdays, all are simply myths to an extent. We should be aware of the knowledge of what we are following and if we are following it, is there any practical reason behind it or are we just having a blind faith? For example, in older times there was not enough light in evenings, so cutting nails in the evening was not allowed because if you do so then they would get mixed with other things. Another belief didn’t wash hair on Thursdays, it was simply because of the reason, to save water. The most popular yet illogical superstition does not cross a road when a black cat has crossed that same road because it leads to bad luck. The story behind this was that initially, every person owned some cattle. And after a long day, when they would be returning home at night, they would many times pass through forests. The forests were home to all sorts of animals especially wild cats and black cats. The wild cats would attack the cattle or even kill it and hence, this superstition was born. Because the superstitious people believe that. Why put the blame of your failure on the black cats? (Isn’t that is a racism, but this is not our topic)



You have to understand that there are practices or beliefs that have been prevalent for more than thousand years. And if you want to follow those then you should ask for their reasons. Having a scientific temper and a logical approach based on reasoning is very important. Practices which are based on pragmatism should be considered and followed. Not those which are prevailing without any reason. Everything that happens has a reason behind it.

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Some say that having a superstitious mind sometimes is normal but again the excess of anything is harmful. Superstition is basically a mad daughter of a wise mother. According to Cicero (a philosopher), “Superstition is an unreasoning fear of God.” The major reason for having a superstitious approach can be a fear of God, fear of failure etc.. When we get scared of anything, we humans have a tendency to do whatever we think is right not seeing its demerits or not assuming its repercussions.

In the end, I would like to say just don’t blindly follow the practices but know the reasons. Have a logical and practical approach to it then follow it.

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Sharing is Caring-