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The world is celebrating Suicide prevention week from September 10th to 16th, 2017 and hence it was obvious for me to learn more about this particular topic. As I started reading about suicide and other terms associated with it, what I observed was no matter how old the news was there was always an explanation in the media reports, by authorities or a family member about what might lead that person to take such a drastic step.

The authorities and the media reports are very particular and careful about what they write or disclose to the public and family members are left with a loss of a loved one for life.  But the circle goes on…there will be another suicide, another brand new report on the matter and another family who will keep thinking what went wrong for the rest of their life. Who is to blame?

This is an interesting questing because, in every article related to the suicide, most of the details are about some kind of trend which becomes the cause suicide, for example, peer pressure, failure, politics, corruption, family dispute, heart break and the latest is the blue whale challenge.


The latest one is the craziest reason of all…We need to wake up and understand that a person who commits suicide most probably was already depressed or facing some serious problem in life. They might have reached out for help but were ignored till the day, it was their last day.

In India, the recent event shows that authorities are dedicated to ending the existence of blue whale from all kinds of social platforms. Such situation confuses the common public that how they can be so proactive at one point but unresponsive to the problem of suicide in general when the data related to suicide reveal that it is the one of the biggest reason of deaths in the world.

As per public data, almost 70% of suicide victims suffer from severe depression or bipolar disorder. Ignoring the giant problem of suicide cannot solve this epidemic.  The blue whale is just a medium, not the cause.

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I am aware of my limitation as a human and that we cannot know what others are going through all the time but when an online game gets so much influence on people’s lives then the problem is not with the game but with the world we live in. We as a society are responsible for this world.  We might fail few times in this fight but at least we will be fighting this evil.

  • We can start with our family and start communicating, which also includes listening
  • Trust your instincts when you notice signs of depression and try to be direct with them about their situation
  • Consider the potential of suicide by being attentive to what they have to say
  • Get professional help even if the person disagrees
  • Don’t judge or act shocked
  • Do not provide counsel yourself, always approach an expert

No one can think of the pain of an individual who has lost a loved one to depression or suicide. We can only show our support and make sure to talk to our family. Nowadays, everyone is going through some kind of stress related to their jobs, education, grades, financial status and what not.

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I suppose better communication and timely help from a professional can avoid such unfortunate events to much extent. We live in a fast paced world but we should learn to talk to each other. This small exercise might help us notice any red flags and hence might give us a fighting chance.


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Sharing is Caring-