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Life has always been a mystery to us. How we evolved and how we live is no less than a miracle been continuously happening. But very often in our lives, the situations don’t favour us. They don’t run the way we think them too. And only because our predictions fail to reach the level that the Almighty has planned, we commit suicide.

Consider it to be heartbreaks, failures in examinations, loss of loved ones or any depressing second in our life; almost every one of us has at least once decided to give up. But we never thought that who gave us the right to end something that is not solely ours? Who let us destroy the beautiful pearl necklace of our life in which, we are the thread while the people we surround are the pearls?

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Those pearls deserve not to scatter because the thread becomes weak. The thread has to change itself and change into something stronger.

According to several surveys, the suicide rate increases amidst the months when results of all the basic examinations are announced. The students, who fail to acquire good results, think themselves to be failures and try the heinous act of self-assassination. It is, in no any condition, a way to improvise your failures. Rather it is the sign of cowardice which shows that in the journey to reach the peak, you failed to even cross the first pebble of the giant mountain. The results are nothing but proof that you can move on from thinking that you cannot succeed just by having a good memory. They’re not the gateway to your dreams, they are just the gate-pass and now, you have to walk them all alone. Failures will come; your head will be suppressed beneath. But the ones who are now been considered idols were the ones who didn’t stare at the ground while being down. They had their feet deep in the earth and eyes piercing the sky. Don’t fall when you lose the path; stand firmer and then, bend the path towards your dream.


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Another shoulder which carries the devil of suicide is heartbreak and the loss of loved ones in our lives. We fail to love ourselves whenever the heart trembles on someone else’s beats. And losing yourself while you love someone is the heaviest drawback in love. We forget about our identity and start pinning our living desires with the one whom we love. Though it is hard to even think of us without them, we need to keep our persona flourishing into the vastness of our survival. No soul is determined to be with us. Nobody stays by us all the while. At the end of the journey, we have to lie on the holy cremation ground alone and that should be enough for us to keep our eyes stiff and our heart ready to have several cracks.

Suicide leaves us in pain and our families in casualties. Our family deserves not to hear any reason on why we gave up. They never gave birth to a coward who gives up this easy. They never fought with the whole world to see yourself helpless, hanging through the fan only because your semesters went wrong or your lover betrayed you.

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You have to keep their soul alive along with yours. You’re born to a family and you are indebted to them, and that does not deserve to be wasted.

Keep fighting until the last punch, hit your problems, through the hard fists of your guts and dedication.

And just don’t give up.

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Sharing is Caring-