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The game that is flooding the headlines of the social sites nowadays,”The Blue Whale” game, is the reason behind many innocent lives being ended. The game is a mystery for many, so my aim for writing the blog today will be clearing all those misunderstandings and revealing the mystery!

1) The first common misunderstanding that most of the people have is that this game is addictive!

—Actually no! This game is not at all addictive unless you have the urge of showing how manly or daring you are. But I’m also sure that no one would get addicted to killing their own self. This game is absolutely not a case like the Pokemon Go. No normal person loves to get hurt.

2) This game promotes suicides

—- Absolutely no! Suicide means killing one self by their own will. But this game is actually a different case and the mystery will soon be enclosed in the next few points.

3) People, who play it, enjoy this

—Come on! No one enjoys getting hurt.

4) People get mentally tortured!

—-Yes, they do get mentally tortured on a great level.

These were the misunderstanding part. Now coming to the mysterious part of this game, let’s see how and when this gave a root?!

The game originated from Russia in 2013 with “F57″ which was one of the death groups on the social network. The first suicide was committed in 2015. This game was invented by a psychology student who was expelled from his University and clearly, his aim was to push other teenagers to commit suicide as revenge. Later on, this game had originated in several other countries and recently, in India.


The first suicide case was from Bangalore. The game is actually not a suicide game but a game that forces teenagers to suicide making it a Murder game instead. The game consists of many tasks which consist of engraving a whale on the wrist with blade, watching horror videos at early morning which mentally makes you very weak, interacting with the participants and also the culprit via video calls, walking on the edge of a tall building and then finally jumping off from a high building and committing suicide.

So is this all about showing how manly you are? Not at all! This game is basically a medium of killing the teenagers. Teenagers, out of curiosity get trapped and then most of them unwillingly commit suicide. The culprit hypnotizes the participants via video call after making them mentally unstable by giving all daring and weird tasks.

The culprit in order to be on the safer side hides the identity and takes all the personal information of the participants and so when the participants who fail to be hypnotized, deny to attempt suicide, are threatened by causing harm to the dear ones if told or discussed with someone, and then have to unwillingly commit suicide. So this clearly proves my point that this game is not a suicide game but rather a Murder game. And the culprit can easily be caught!

Life is a precious thing. Some people beg for it! Please don’t waste your beautiful life getting trapped in this disgusting, totally nuisance game which is going to make you go far from your family! Please do notice your people around you. If you see any of the symptoms in them, stop them, inform the police.

Also to people who are reading this article and have already put your legs in the trap and can find no way out, please do not get scared and inform the police as soon as possible. Suicide is not the option but punishing the criminal is. Why not, let’s try to ban the game by not playing it and throwing the viral game out of our country.

I repeat again… You only live life once and wasting it for this nonsense game is totally not worth it!


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Sharing is Caring-