Sharing is Caring-

Days are blurred

A Chaos…

They just pass

In work, in joy, in Sadness

They seem to be running

I feel I am behind time

Unable to catch a break

Everything is a haze

A lot is going on

They say it is good –

To be busy, to remain occupied

To be involved in what is called a CAREER

I write, I teach

I read NEWS, I interview

I train, I review

I work, work, work.

Oh! Time slips by

It is all a fog

A chaos- A blur

I feel lost


No time to think, no time to love

No time at all to be ME

No time to ponder, No time to wonder

Everything is at pace

Fast, A haze, a confusion

When do I cry out loud, for the sorrows?

When do I laugh and prance for all the joys?

When do I simply lay down with my eyes closed?

When do I cherish what I have?

When do I complain for what I don’t?

When do I anticipate? When do I procrastinate?

When do I do the good?

When do I conspire the bad?

This moment it is 7 and I am running to work,

The next it is 6 – and I am running from work

It is a viscous cycle

Hazy, Chaotic, Blinding

7 to 6; Monday to Sunday, 1st to 31st

A vision too feeble, a sight too vague

Anyways, I live.

Or, Do I?


This poem sums it all up, doesn’t it? We all are too engrossed, rather, drained in living our so-called high-profile corporate lives. We live mechanical lives. We follow robotic routines. Sometimes, no, actually often – we feel like we a need break.

We feel the desperate urge to relax and just go away – if not physically, at least mentally. What do we do when there are no extended weekends coming up and we still need a getaway badly. Well, the best place to seek peace and solace is MUSIC, especially Sufi Music. I felt and experienced the bliss of calm while at work! Yes, indeed.

Kavita Seth

Editor of Boost Thyself Surabhi Pandey in conversation with Kavita Seth

We (I with my Camera Crew) were at Kamani auditorium – a famous convention centre located in central Delhi for a shoot. Film fare award winner, popular playback singer and a Sufi expert – Kavita Seth was in town to perform for a select audience.


My genre being Art and Culture at Doordarshan, I was there to interview Kavita ji and then cover her concert. It was during this shoot that I heard Ms. Seth Live for the first time and I instantly fell in love with her soulful voice. From lesser known numbers like ‘Mujhe Mat Roko” (Gangster) to popular tracks like “Gunja sa Hai Koi Ek tara’ (Wake Up Sid) and Sufi hits like “Dama Dum Mast kalandar” and “Trance with Khusrow” – she performed some heavenly numbers.

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Her music had a unique healing power. It took us to another world – a world of tranquility and serenity – a world of joy and happiness. It was a great day for me. An icing on the cake was that during the one hour interview, I requested her to sing my personal favorites encore and she did!

So, if you ever want to cleanse your soul of all the hustle bustle of the concrete jungle but yet do not have time/resources to go somewhere – just rely on Ms. Seth’s music.


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Sharing is Caring-