Sharing is Caring-

There has always been something deep that has been a part of our life. Maybe for some, everyday is a task to deal with and maybe for some, every phase of life.

By now I wouldn’t be the first person in your life who would have told you that this is life, and everyone has troubles. You need to move on and try to deal with all that worries you have by yourself.

At times you might have felt this advice was one that didn’t help much, because moving on from tough times is another huge happening in one’s life. And during the moving on or dealing with tough time’s process, you may not be willing to hear any extra opinions or comments that you wouldn’t like.


I even know I may not be the first one who said that, Life has ups and downs but you need to learn to find happiness around you.

Don’t you sometimes feel why happiness is so important? Can’t I like to be sad and alone for a while?! Well, this was something I used to ask myself when I was young. And I realized that being sad and alone gave me nothing. It didn’t bring me into any good position nor did it give enough relief to myself. Honestly it wouldn’t also.

Practically, being sad in a tough situation weakens you. The simple theory of two negatives make a positive, wouldn’t really apply in this situation. Staying alone and sad leads to over thinking and assuming things which are not even close to the truth or solution.

Sometimes, I agree that crying and being alone does help in gaining strength, because we’re humans and we need to break ourselves from that fakeness once in a while, but just sometimes not always.

Keeping yourself happy during any terrible situation gives you that confidence and power to deal with wrongdoings whenever it crosses you.

And one such quote I had read a couple of hours ago which said that, ‘Stop looking for happiness in the same place you lost it’, which is quite true according to me.

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As humans, we end up finding for our happiness in that very same place we lost it. We begin to believe that it is a sole way to find happiness or anything positive in life. I am a really passionate person and a person who never loses hope, but I was always mistaken when I kept finding my happiness at the place I lost it, somewhere down I hoped to receive it there only but I never did.

Life has holes for you to jump pass it, not to fall into them. Finding happiness in the place you lost it is just having a hopeless thought of receiving something that you may not and it ends up dragging you to the same loop of sadness that you wanted to throw away from your life.


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Sharing is Caring-