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Have you all ever faced a situation where there is someone that is always trying to pull you down? I don’t know if it is something each one of us goes through, but I am sure it is something many of us go through.

Firstly, why is this topic under the category of ‘She’ and not ‘Social’? Yes, I agree. It could be a social issue. It is not just that a girl or a woman who faces such stuff, you aren’t any different from a man. And it is not that a boy or a man knows how to tackle or that it is only them who are a cause of such situations. They face it too. But I am not writing this so that you as a girl self-pity and think that they are stronger.

faint hearted

A man or a boy always have two faces (not in the bad sense though) But they have a face that the world sees, that you as a girl fall and believe in, a fake face. And another face that only they have seen properly and understood. The reason for not addressing it to both of the genders as a social issue is that as a girl, I know how different such situations impact on us.

It is not that only the opposite gender pulls us down but even people belonging to the same gender, tend to do it.

But what do I mean by ‘Pull you down’?! There are times at school, universities, workplace or at home between your family, there are people who taunt you for the person who you are (not for your good, obviously), there are people who gossip about your life, there are people who address you with words that are out of your imagination too.

At a small age, people teach us never to bully each other, because it could have a bad effect on a person. And after ten to twenty years later we still face bullying, maybe not in the way we did in childhood but maybe in a more brittle way.

It is human tendency to do so. We are all a part of some sort of bullying, aren’t we? Think about it! Do we ever leave even one chance of not gossiping about a girl, or do we ever stay behind from back biting about a person?

These are moral values taught at the age of five but we are all ten to twenty years away and still, indulge in such stuff without any fear. Because we find it the best source of our entertainment and we enjoy it, even if it is wrong.

But when you did something just like this with another person, did you ever think how wrong you are and how hurt would they be.

Never blame someone for the situation you are in. You never kept yourself away from such water, then don’t blame the clouds when you get drenched in that rain.

faint hearted

Coming back to why am I addressing this to girls. You are not special or a reason to pity more at, your gender is your strength and not your weakness. But I agree. A girl or a woman is softer and more vulnerable. And breaks down easily. But what do such people who hurt you want?

Agree to it or not, they want to see you broken, in disaster, they want to see you crying and blaming yourself for the situation you are in, where girls easily resort to suicide. Sometimes all that people want to see and enjoy is your helplessness.

And as ‘Females’ who may or may not call themselves ‘Feminist’ what do they do? We break down, we go into depression. You indirectly give the control of your life in a stranger’s hand. Is that your aim? Is that what you want?

It is not easy to face such situations without having a minute difference in your behavior but, they aren’t so big or deep, unless you wish it to be so.

It is us who make such issues huge. There are certain cases where it is a necessity to react and tell people about, eg. Rapes etc. But what you face day to day is just a part of your life. You can’t let yourself break even inside your body.

Everyone around maybe saying that you need to be strong and move on but, I would tell you to tell yourself everyday that “I ain’t faint hearted, not anymore” with a smile, that is your strength, and not to leave yourself vulnerable to someone.


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Sharing is Caring-