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Now this word must be in existence for many years, however, it has come into limelight in the recent times and all thanks to our film industry.

A lot of people heard one actor’s statement and agreed with it and then the rest of course sided with the other party. What exactly is nepotism? Do we even know what it means exactly or we are like that vast majority of the crowd which moves in the direction of a majority?

The definition of nepotism is: – “The practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs.” In simple terms, a person who is well connected will give you a push to ensure that you have money to survive and eventually enjoy.

Coming to the topic of the film industry; people usually say that star kids have it easy because their parents or a parent or sibling etc has been a part of the entertainment world. Then we go ahead and assume that because of connections, someone more talented or deserving lost the role or opportunity to shine.

Let me ask you something.

A boy is in school. His parents are doctors. His parents will tell him from a very young age that he should or will become a doctor too when he grows up. Once the child grows up and successfully gets his degree, he will look for a job. To ensure that the child gets only the best, his parents will use their connections and ensure that their child practices or interns only with the best.

Now isn’t this nepotism?

Another example for you to have a better understanding of the topic is as follows:-

A family has had its members serve the government as civil servants (I.A.S/I.P.S/I.R.S etc.) for 4 generations. Now, since it has been such a long journey for the family, ofcourse they know quite a few well-established and connected individuals. This family will ensure or at least want that the 5th generation serves the nation too.

This is also nepotism.


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A government official wants to marry another government official. Not just because of job security, but also to have more power, more privileges and more name. That is also nepotism.

An engineer wants his/her son/daughter to be an engineer. They will do their best to get their child admitted into the best college and even speak to their company or trusted clients and ensure that their child gets a good job.

Nepotism usually exists everywhere. We see it easily in some fields because our media focuses on certain industries for higher TRPs’ and also because it is prominent in some fields.

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Of course nepotism has a downside too as indeed a lot of times undeserving people go ahead and the good ones are left struggling for survival, but eventually, it is always survival of the fittest. However, accusing people of getting money and fame because of their family is also absolutely incorrect and should be avoided as much as possible.

Do not let the society or people close to you or the world of glamour lower your morale. Everyone gets everything according to the amount of hardwork you put in. Sometimes, unfortunately, positive results take a while, but you will always notice that truth prevails.

Thus, our focus should be on our own strengths and capabilities rather than the connections and abilities of others.

In the end, all I want to do is make you all aware of the fact that nepotism is everywhere. Once you look around carefully, you will realize that in some way or the other we have all been a part of it ourselves.

It is in a lot of cases an unfair practice, which we must fight. But before questioning the capabilities of others we should at least give them a chance to prove their worth before degrading them and calling them unworthy or without any talent.

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Sharing is Caring-