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What are the reasons for a person committing suicide? Is it that the person is too weak emotionally or the circumstances?  Actually, it’s both.

Let’s understand this with an example:

“This ring is a new one I’m seeing. Oooh and it has a heart engraved on it. Who gave it to you? Do you have a boyfriend?”  Why does a mom question these things to her daughter who bought a new ring because she liked it and she could buy it? Why does a mom always ask her daughter to change her dp if it’s with a boy? Does it happen with girls only? No, the same thing happens with boys as well.

Nowadays, education is more than gaining knowledge. It’s more about showing status in so called society which always fails to define itself. We have been reading in books since childhood what a society is, how it works and helps. But little to these innocent infants know that the real world is filled with the devil with rarely some fairy or hero found.

How Society Affects Us?

The one who sticks to the ethics is not actually coward but loyal and brave. No one actually cares. Society nowadays is like: “Please react on this situation, we are eagerly waiting to judge you.” Most of the things we do are decided by our society first, then the relatives and then by our parents. Our life is actually controlled by them.

Things they decide for us are always going to be the best but in this world today, even parents are forced to take most of the situations thinking what would the society think. Children try to do something different, parents support but the society criticizes then seeing the society and their gossips, parents start pressuring them to forget and kill their dreams.


Society never helps rather they push you into mental stress. I Won’t blame a society that much because parents are equally responsible. Society was formed to judge but parents should rather trust their kids and help them persuade their dreams. Just because they can’t persuade you for pursuing their reverie, don’t pester them.

Books will only give knowledge but their dreams may give them success with happiness. But as some of the parents can’t be convinced, remember that whatever you do it’s your life and the consequences are to be faced by you and only you. Society would make your choice a topic of their gossips but later, everyone forgets. Your parents are going to move on with time, but you are the one who’s going to drag the burden throughout your life.

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Listen to your mind they say, do whatever you want to. But later you fall in love with someone and they don’t accept it. They force you to marry someone they like. Your opinion doesn’t really matter. Is caste the only problem? No not at all, it’s the mindset of the people.


Be Sarcastic to the Comments from Society and Do Only what you Love:


The one who’s sarcastic to the society comments is the one who survives. This world is always ready to smash the weak ones but they won’t face the sarcastic comments. Society will flatter you only if you are rich or talented and after certain time period, parents also stop pampering you. It’s you who have to survive.

So, the golden rules to stay among the negative minds and still remain positive are :

  • Ignore the comments, be Deaf to those who try to put you down
  • Break the stereotypes. Listen to your heart.

The comments by the society are to be left unheard. They act as distractions by God in your way. The one who follows these golden rules always succeeds in life. So go ahead, don’t hesitate to follow your dreams because YOLO. Why not live this only life to the fullest.


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Sharing is Caring-