Sharing is Caring-

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]‘’You are what you share’’
-Charles W. Leadbeater, We Think: The Power of Mass Creativity[/perfectpullquote]

In the growing cobwebs of digital networking, global accessibility and an incessant dependency on social media and microblogging websites, aren’t we all becoming by-products of the digital herd?

From the culture of spreading nobility, kindness and sharing common transport, street food, venturing into flea markets; we are gradually shifting into the vortex of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Twitter, Instagram and so on.-You know the chain, don’t you?!

Anything and everything, starting from our morning breakfast, to vacation check-ins, personal opinions (even if they foster hatred or disagreements!) has become a glorifying statement for us to be put on our social handles and profiles. After all, how else will everyone know what we’re up to?

While the social media channels and tools have proved to be a boon for myriad of reasons – growth of blogging platforms, businesses, firms, promotions of brands and most imperatively, rendering an open platform for one and all to speak, to write, to comment, to voice their opinions – The debate over freedom of speech in the realms of this digital revolution has been going on for quite some time now.

It is true that a person must have the individual power to say anything, but has this solemn openness to speak, made people forget that they’re still human?

Everybody is entitled to their opinions and views, however, nobody has to be nasty, disgraceful or dominant about it. We tend to write about things that disturb us or something that we personally don’t like, but, there has to be a certain way of putting it across. Even if we want to speak about other people, there has to be a certain level of dignity in doing that as well. Many eyes and ears consistently want to peek into other people’s lives and activities, instead of minding their own business. While this is derogatory in the first place, but spreading false claims, preaching disrespect or hatred for somebody else altogether is almost a sin.

These essential values and qualities of life are missing from the modern day, social media-driven and certain irresponsible influencers of the 21st century.

Does humanity exist in the world of social media?

The era of digitization has created a global phenomenon across the world and paved way for newer forms of networking to make the world smaller and more connected. With this humongous global innovation, we as educated, informed and responsible citizens of the world must operate and maneuver its facilities with worthiness.

However, today, we are watching influencers on Twitter writing denigrated words, celebrities advancing into a battle of words, and several other users from here and there getting into the conflict of opinions and arguments in unison. To list some instances, Veteran actor and BJP lawmaker Paresh Rawal had tweeted against author Arundhati Roy that she could be tied to an army jeep, instead of tying a stone pelter. Isn’t this prejudiced mindset absolutely insensitive, coming from a veteran artist who has millions of followers, fans, and lovers?

It is getting propagated on a global channel and his views are his own. Wouldn’t people be influenced to follow the same irrational idea, or, for worse, promote it?

Among another incident, singer Abhijeet’s Twitter account was suspended over his offensive posts, especially those targeting women.

Does humanity exist in the world of social media?

Just taking a moment to remind these prodigies that whatever they write and post, is being followed, seen, tweeted, re-tweeted and promoted like an instant forest fire. Do we forget that what we share is a reflection of the person that we are?

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Was the social media created only to become an argumentative jungle? Or was it to provide an open and comfortable platform to disgrace each other with swear words? Instead of using this tremendously advantageous channel to fulfill and make the world a better place to live in, we’re turning this into a mayhem, so much so, that accounts are being suspended and users (even celebrities) are quitting these platforms. Either some of them are exploiting this service by putting demeaning and spiteful claims online, or they become agonized victims of extremely nasty and negative response from a million other virtual mouths.
People have so much to say, yet they forget that every account on this social channel is that of a human being.

What if we (irrespective of how big or small, professional or amateur, white or black) associate ourselves to one noble deed, each day, and share across this networked technology?

Imagine, the positive impact our nobility can create just by promoting it and sharing extensively, as it will inspire several others to participate. Instead of demeaning a celebrity a celebrity over what he/she says or does, just help an underprivileged, feed a street dog, spread love and celebrate festivities in your community, bring people closer and together, indulge in our diversified culture- and share! Go to those historical monuments, meet new people, create new bonds, do things that you are passionate about and promote your art.

Save our culture and protect the beauty and charms of the real world, instead of dwelling into the never-ending viciousness of the virtual world. Think twice before posting anything negative; take a moment and analyze how your words will affect the world.

The real world’s tryst is with humanity. We don’t need our virtual world to be different; we just need our reality to be shared on virtual screens more. We’re all connected by our digital innovations now, so let’s make it better.

Together, let’s join hands and be more humane! Let’s save humanity, together.


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Sharing is Caring-