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The camera. The picture quality. Those followers. These commentators. And huge expectations from a small connection on your social networks. Is your smile bound to that? Oh my! C’mon, read as I write.After a long day at college, you sit on an empty bench in the park under summer’s setting sun. That park has kids playing in the afternoon. The greenery has calmed the chaos in your mind. A little girl pushes off her tricycle and trips. She looks around and sees you. She slowly tries to stand dusting her back and hands. And she did with no perfection as you saw the dust intact and not wiped off. She slowly tries to pull her lips wider into a smile and your heart goes “Aww!” You give a similar smile and call to her by waving her over. The little girl comes to you in her fast pace almost running. You hold her hand and let her walk towards you, slowly and softly. You with your hand, dust off her frock. You straighten her frock and hold her hands as she shows you dust there. You gently wipe her hands with your kerchief. She gives you a slightly wider smile. She trusts your reason to call her and runs to bring her tricycle to you. You give a wider smile, almost letting a little laughter sneak out your lips. She gestures you to bend to her and slowly gives you that sweet baby kiss on your cheek. You smile wider than you ever have, and in turn place a loving hard kiss on her cheeks. She smiles and returns to her tricycle again. She rides her tricycle when you just realised you smiled.


Yes. You smiled all the time. You smiled when you sat on the bench. You smiled when you felt calm. You smiled when you saw her ride. You smiled when she tripped off. You smiled when she tried to clean the dust. You smiled at her trying and thinking how you would have had done if you feared your mother like the little girl. You smiled when you wanted to help her. You smiled when she looked at you, shy and slow. You smiled when she returned with her toy tricycle. You smiled when you got that baby kiss. You smiled till the evening came. You smiled when you waved her goodbye. You smiled in the night at home. You smiled the next morning you woke up. You smiled all day long in the college. You smiled expecting this perfectly real and captivating smile to settle on your lips again.

You see you did smile. And trust me when I say this, you do have a beautiful smile. Beautiful from inside. And thus, a perfect smile.


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Sharing is Caring-