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‘When would humans stop complaining about their situations?’ I seriously wonder.

Being a part of 21st Century and a country like India, we all have seen successful people and poor people in the very same city.

I am not going to exaggerate over the fact that how selfish some people are or how ungrateful some are. Instead of attacking the negativity today (like most writers do) I want to express and beautify how allure positivity is.

Someday try going to slums and see how those kids still know how to put up a smile being in the worst of conditions. So many kids don’t even get education, being even more capable and with greater aptitudes than most of the rich kids these days. Though India provides compulsory and free elementary education, which helps these kids with basic knowledge.


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But have you ever thought about their career paths? Even they wish to become successful in the careers they dream to be in, but where would any university give them that sort of exposure that the rich kids are entitled to. Donations, Bribery and Contacts have always been a reason to overpower merit in our country.

But even though, around 10-15% of those kids get a chance to be a part of the education provided by universities and the rest 85-90% keep trying to self-educate, they still don’t show any sense of grief or they aren’t ashamed of their situation. Such children still know how to smile and live a life in this world.

Where students commit suicide on small issues which are a part of their daily life, there are such children being in the worst stage of humankind, living in slums and poverty stricken, they still know how to feel blessed and keep a smile on their face at every moment of the life.

Writers often emphasize on how important it is to smile, how smile is someone’s strength to let go wrong and unworthy things. But we often question such positive vibes. Don’t we?

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I have seen people who scream when they’re in depression for something really small and tell us in return that it is extremely difficult to smile in such situations.

You don’t need a reason to smile. People in Africa, India, Syria and many such countries even refugees, know how to smile even during worst conditions, where scarcity has surrounded them. They still don’t lose hope, and continue to live a life that is way more contended than yours, because they know how to appreciate having nothing in their hands and you are still stuck there complaining about your imperfect life.

Time gone is time lost, and if you spend half of your life in just complaining for selfish reasons you won’t have enough time to enjoy the life you were truly blessed with.

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Sharing is Caring-