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The ocean has sometimes been the violent savior for ships and boats while for times, it silently grabs the anchor and let the boats die beneath. This is what silence can achieve. A matter of words can sometimes be a matter of silence while the situation gets better only with the latter.

But sometimes in our life, there comes positions where we can’t understand how to react? The argument between friends or the words in family; all of them give us two options in the end. One is to speak and keep your point precisely while the other lets you stay silent, listen to them first and then react with a warm understandable debating point.


Being silent spells in two simple words but in moments when it needs to be practiced, these two words are never easy to spell together. These two will either ask you the hardest form of patience or the easiest form of giving up. And once you give up, the silence acts as falling sand. No matter how hard you grip it; it always slides down.

But is it necessary to become silent all the time? Won’t the silence in several situations give us a tag of weak and stupid being? Well, this is not a question that can be answered.

It can be realized only on the basis of trials.

Being acclaimed to be silent is not a big deal than being acclaimed to be a cunny-man. The words allow you to clear yourself while the silence lets the person ahead of you to take the whole power to decide your nature.

Sometimes the silent will be called weak. They may be called cunning as they don’t reveal their heart out all the time. But what will matter in the end? Their perception or your existence?

Choose wisely between the lines of words and silence. Silence can accompany you in the darkest phase and it won’t need anyone to accompany you itself. But the words will have an impact. They will have an effect on the listener and that would be the impression of your existence.

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Be smart enough to mark your presence. It is when people admire your silence that they adore you. Words are nothing but the seen, heard and felt feelings rushing out. It helps you to ease the way of understanding but no ease has ever been so cheap to happen silently. Silence has got no lips to utter. It shows your presence as well as hits your absence.

Being a bit absent for yourself from the rest of people, won’t cost you much but only patience, understanding and presence of mind.

Choose wisely and live cleverly. The words won’t help much but one day, your silence will gaze you from the steps of success.

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Sharing is Caring-