Sharing is Caring-

The world is fast moving that we don’t try to cater to the needs of our dear and near. A person who is found to be happy and smiling outside may not always be happy from inside.

  Human wants are unlimited. We all have goals. Sometimes, unrealistic goals lead to regrets. Not every one of our needs is met, even if you are a billionaire. Humans are left with choices and thus they tend to ignore those needs which don’t have to be immediately met. Years of bundled up regrets and sadness leads to depression. A depressed person would always find himself in a battlefield in which he either wins are loses terribly.

Depression is a feeling of grief and a lack of interest in almost everything. A depressed person often withdraws himself from his day to day chores. Depression is curable if treated early, but when ignored leads to a major self-destruction. Depression, when ignored, is a threat to life.


 As said that depression is curable, like any other disease, it always shows some warning signs that must be noted and be treated with proper medication and care.

So here a list of signs that depression projects that shouldn’t be ignored:

1) Enjoy being aloof

Every person needs some time for himself. Everyone desires to spend some quality time with them. Either it would be self-pampering or be lazing. But when a person always prefers to be alone and strands himself from others, he/ she is not normal.

2) Always being irritable

Humans are differentiated from animals by the emotions portrayed. Happiness, sorrow, anger, jealousy, anxiety etc., are the most commonly emoted emotions. Any emotion shouldn’t be emoted ambiguously. When emoted without limits, it is harmful. But when any emotion overdoes other emotions, it tends to be so harmful. A person who is always irritated is unconscious of the depression, which is yet to take over him. Getting irritated and frustrated all the time is definitely injurious to health as tobacco.

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3) Less driven

Initial signs of depression include being less motivated by themselves. A person, who isn’t motivated by his kith or kin, should be motivated by himself. Those who are less driven to do every activity must be taken care of. He/ she must be struggling in the hands of depression. So if somebody you know isn’t self-driven, he/ she must be counseled in order to avoid future mishaps.

4) Insomnia

Sleeping 8 hours a day is vital to every human. But when a person is an insomniac, he/she must be taken to a medical practitioner. Sleeping for a very less time and waking up so early in the morning despite sleeping late in the night is a bad sign of depression.

5) Bizarre thinking

Human minds are like monkeys jumping from one tree to another. They can never settle in one place for some time. Contemplating overly isn’t a good sign of a happy living. Thinking about the past, regretting all the time, connecting future actions with past and over connecting every other matter isn’t normal.

6) Lack of energy

A normal healthy person would have the energy and the mental ability to meet his daily chores. Being ill and lacking energy is different. But being healthy and lacking the energy to do everything and having less interest should be taken care of.

  So guys, when you get to witness any of those signs in somebody close to you, better be a friend indeed!!!



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Sharing is Caring-