Sharing is Caring-

I was talking to one of my friend, and she was a little depressed.

I asked her, “Hey! What happened? Why are you looking sad?”

She said, “All my friends are getting married. You know that jhalli Anjali? She is living in UK with her husband. And you know Neha? She is in Germany. All are living their happy lives.

Ek mai hi yaha per hun bore hone ke liye.”

I told her, “Yaar, you belong to a very good family and as per my understanding your Dadi is a popular personality and you also belong to a Royal family. Why are you comparing yourself to your friends?

They have their own life.”

To this she said, “I don’t know. I have to, rather NEED to marry an NRI and go abroad anyhow! Then, my friends will see I am not lesser than them.”

I understand there should be some expectations of every person and they aren’t wrong. But to meet those expectations, are we going on the right track?

If we are doing things, just to show-off then it is not RIGHT.

We know that every coin has two sides. Similarly every person has some ups and down in their life. And today we are so involved in showing-off and pretending that we are happier than others. Right here, the unhealthy competition starts, which leads to the era of depression. It’s a cytology that we are not happy with what we have. We are upset because our ‘friends’ are happy. However we don’t know what is really going on in their lives.

Like the quote goes, “Don’t compare your movie with the trailer they post.”

I remember one funny incident. It was a farewell party of my college. My friend took part in the guitar competition and I knew that he had never played guitar in his whole life. He bought a guitar for around 5000-6000 and this was a big amount during college days. WHY?

Just to impress girls in our college.

But unfortunately, that did not happen.

Though this is a very small and funny incident, somehow today we are so involved in this fad called show-off. We can see school going children of around 10-15 years old smoking, drinking, and if you are really cool with them, they would even give you the name of their weed supplier! Just to look cool or to show others their ‘SWAG’,

They are murdering their useful life.

As is the human nature, we hesitate to do anything wrong first time but after doing it a couple of times, we become habitual of them, and we feel no guilt whatsoever.

Take a deep breath and think!

What are the things that make you happy in real sense? Compare you with your self not with others. There is a lot of difference between need and show-off. We have to identify!

Enjoy the things that you have. Learn to spend time with your family, make good friends, be a good one too, and involve yourself in spirituality! There is no recommended age for spirituality. Do healthy comparisons to boost thyself. That makes you happy in real sense!


Sharing is Caring-