Our second ShOUT event was conducted in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. With high hopes we entered this city after Bhubaneswar and left overwhelmed. It is all due to Mr. Aakar Gupte who took the lead to organize the event and Miss Ekta Kamlani whose help as a co-organiser made the event a success.

It was a proud moment for Boost Thyself to find almost 106 participants (includes audience count) come to the event. This event was graced by the Chief Guest, Dr. G. S. Kushwaha who had been the campus Director of Shri Aarasuri Ambaji Mata Devasthan Trust and supervised 19 scholars in achieving  their PhD in English. Not only the participants, but Dr. Kushwaha also took the platform to recite us his written poem on Fetus killing and a message from an unborn girl child.

The other important people of the events whom we owe gratitude are Mr. Raj Bhavasar and Mr. Saurabh Arora for their photography. We extend the gratitude to Miss Yashvi Jain for being a volunteer in the event.

We are also gratyeful to La Vida – The Travel Cafe for their all the support to host this event in their cafe.