ShOUT:- Show Out Your Talent by Boost Thyself has been started to feature the budding artists and boost them to follow their passion. Anyone who wants to participate in this event can simply register his/her name and perform in the event. We witnessed many artists and talented people give up their dream and passion just because they didn’t get the proper platform, and then we decided to start something which can give the platform to budding artists to follow their passion and showcase their talent. Boost Thyself is grateful to Miss Ekta Kamlani for giving us such a beautiful name ShOUT:- Show Out Your Talent By Boost Thyself.

Who can participate in ShOUT:-

Anyone who possesses the talent in Spoken Word Poetry, Storytelling, Singing, Public Speaking, Motivational Talks, Playing any kind of musical instruments can participate in the event.

ShOUT :- Show Out Your Talent by Boost Thyself, Bhubaneswar 1.0


ShOUT :- Show Out Your Talent By Boost Thyself, Ahmadabad, 1.0