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Today I was just recalling my childhood days, my school days.

How many of us actually cried in our graduation? Or cry now missing those days? Maybe we don’t cry much now, but we definitely miss all those days.

Well, I was remembering how wonderful my teachers were, and that one teacher who was the reason for my day at school to pass really quickly, who always went off topic and got the period moving fast. I am sure we have all had that one teacher who would talk about her life and her ex-students whenever she would remember something related to the topic.

But she meant a lot to everyone at school, one of the eldest teachers in high school. But that’s something her height wouldn’t support, she was a really cute and short teacher.

She looked like a girl of twelve with the knowledge of seventy. At school, she reminded us all of our darling grandmothers. I wonder if I could ever do a salsa dance with her and then bend down n hug her tight, for she was just like a cute doll.


She was someone who taught me that it’s absolutely alright to laugh at yourself, it’s a reason to become strong. But she wasn’t in every student’s good books because she had a different perspective to a very strong issue of today’s generation, FEMINISM. She always spoke with experience, and once shared her thoughts about this issue.

She asked us then, what we thought feminism actually means? And as expected some really strong speakers rose up saying that feminism means men are equal to women and that we both demand equal representation in the society.

She then replied in an unexpected way, she opposed this thought! (A reason why the girls of these generations sort of disliked her) But her point did make quite sense.

Females deserve equal ‘representation’ in society. But they aren’t equal to men. When you call yourself equal to men, you are restricting yourself. There are few instances where girls are more successful in masculine based jobs. But it isn’t every girl’s personality that adjusts to masculine work. Today educating your girl child is as important as for a boy child.

But there are certain traits only women have and not men and vice versa.

At the end of the day, every feminism returns home to their father or husband. She never wanted to express that we as female are weak because a man is also equally helpless without a woman in his life be it his mother or wife. She always says that feminism is just your reason to cover something you consider you are weak at.

Maybe that’s why some did dislike her, but she was correct to an extent.

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Like this, she always used to speak about her life too. Her ex-students, her friends, and celebrities she had met in life. It always kept us thinking about how wonderfully someone can enjoy their life even at the age of seventy. Something we all still can’t do as young people of this generation.

We can’t even complete one day with the sense of positivity and joy. As a writer, I have observed people in their life and I agree we go through pains and troubles, everyone does. But that’s the time we should remember those joyous moments we have spent with our loved ones.

And one advice, however busy you get in life, try to visit your high school once in a year at least and meet that beloved teacher of yours, who actually gave you those little reasons to enjoy life.


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Sharing is Caring-