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Whenever something unfortunate happens in our lives, we complain to God instead of searching for any solutions to the problem. We don’t appreciate the gifts of God which he has blessed us with – beautiful hands, feet and every organ of our beautiful body. But I know a brave soul who is grateful to the blessings of Almighty in spite of suffering from one of the deadliest diseases in the world, Cancer.

Yes, here I am talking about Sharma Ji Ka Ladka, named Kartikey Sharma. Kartikey is an Engineering Graduate from SIT, Pune. But he chose to be an Artist rather an Employee in the mechanical industry. A sincere and studious guy since school days, he has always spent his leisure time in thinking ideas and concepts, which he can paint.

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“I have always been a sincere, disciplined and even topper in my school days”, says Kartikey Sharma “But something happened in my 12th Std when I was deviated from studying my academic subjects. I was diagnosed of cancer so was bedridden for few months. Instead of worrying about my health I started making myself busy in reading books and watching movies.” He continues.

It may take away my hair but not the bristles of my brush #newpainting

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During the third year of engineering, he got an internship in Thermax co., and then he realized that this job is not for him. A sketcher since childhood, he ignited his sparks of Painting again and practiced Art for the whole year in his final year of degree. After graduating from SIT, he followed his passion and went ahead to make his profession. He was working really well at Graffiti Arts but he was attacked by cancer for the second time in Feb 2016.

Kartikey has painted many walls depicting positive messages to the society, in different regions of Pune City. Being a Graffiti Artist he has painted a wall in his own campus during his degree.

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After the second attack of cancer, his juniors dedicated a wall painting in Symbiosis campus, to pay a tribute to him.  “My parents are my biggest inspiration. Both support me to follow my passion. Yes, sometimes I feel that my life is not worth living because of bedridden. But when I see my parents I feel the need to be strong for them and fight for them if not for myself. One has more strength when he knows he has his loved ones to live for”, he says

Kartikey Sharma

When I asked him about the message to the aspiring youth, he said, “we need to know what we are best at and love doing, and enhance our capabilities in that direction. Once we find that we would practice it in any circumstance, we can achieve what we want”

He is now undergoing treatment at Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai. Following his passion even after such a big attack, Kartikey is an inspiration to the Youth.

A walk to remember 😉 Day_8_bmt

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May Almighty Bless him!


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Sharing is Caring-