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A lot of discussions have been spread and different views exchanged with the implementation of GST, different taxes categorized to a nutshell. On the other side issues raising on the grounds of gender sensitivity.

Men and women are unhappy on certain grounds relating to tax on certain products. Some of them circulate as posts or tweets while others land up as blogs or articles. Incredible India!

We live in a democratic country, we are blessed with the right to express. We can talk or pen down our views. In the same way, this article is about the issue running around about taxing on women’s related products.

sanitary napkins

Many women and men reacted towards the sanitary napkins being taxed.  People mentioned about taxing on MNC products vs. indigenous products, but this is not the real reason. When there is the promotion of Girl Child, saving a Girl Child, Education, Celebration of womanhood, etc., why the phase of menstruation is not given an importance? Even this is related to womanhood, right? Why are the related products not tax-free?

Why are they priced high, such that the poor cannot use and dare to buy? Why isn’t it treated as a necessity and reachable to all classes? Why is the government taking no strict action? Why are the women uplifting organizations not focusing on this issue? Why aren’t the production units established in our own country and manufacturing the same at standardized prices? Why our Government is not taking initiative on these grounds?

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There are apt lines which rose with the entry of the news where condoms are tax-free but sanitary napkins aren’t. “Sex is a choice, but not menstruation.” Seriously, where are we? Why this difference? Is it why because MEN DON’T BLEED?  

Where is the Gender Sensitivity? The nation should give a thought, it’s not about blaming the government or its decisions but it should think and take decisions on humanitarian grounds where the country is healthy and happy while both the genders are treated equally and people leading prosperous lives.


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Sharing is Caring-