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Recently we have celebrated the Kargil Vijay Divas, keeping fresh all those moments and constant bravery and courage. We acknowledged every soldier that was a part of this war.

Well, my topic for today is not about what happened in the war or to analyze the outcome, but to write about my opinions on a topic that could be debated even today and as a matter of fact, it is done in various schools.

Should Military service be made compulsory for the youth of age group 18 to 25 for a period of 2 years?

Military service is a very important aspect of a nation. But is it something to be made mandatory on every citizen?

Every citizen of a country contributes to the growth of its economy. Be it through employment, big business houses or through a strong military force. But is it necessary to have a compulsory military service in our nation is a serious question?


Keeping in mind that the age group we are focusing on is of the present generation. It’s not surprising to see many students opting for working in military after their high school and college. To an extent, it does feel that compulsory military service would work for the benefit of the nation. But at times it may not be so.

There are many students in India who prefer to move abroad after studies, compulsory military service would be a hindrance to their career paths as well as to their intellectual contribution towards the economy. Not only the students who move abroad, but many other NRI’s or even citizens living in India wouldn’t prefer to join something enforced on them.

Being a democratic country, it’s obvious that nothing should be compulsory enforced on a citizen, even if it’s for the benefit of the citizen.

Though with the war conditions outside India, it’s safer to have military service in the country for the due safety and protection of the nation, at the same time a strong military force.

But keeping in mind the varied interests of individuals, it’s advisable for schools and colleges to stick to their path of education and focus on basic skills like scouts and guides as these skills will give students a better understanding of the responsibility while joining military or any or our defence forces in future.

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And it’s quite amusing to see that voluntary military service in India has still enabled it to have the third largest army in the world.

Every Indian is patriotic, military service should not be made a guideline to prove their power or patriotism or in simple terms, love for their motherland.

It’s in the best interest to keep military service voluntary for India and that students having interest in this field should be given proper guidance once they complete their basic education.


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Sharing is Caring-