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We are ambitious. We have the thirst to prove ourselves. We want to show them that our presence matters. We want to change the world. We want to leave the legacy. But there is a pressure.

It could any of those reasons that you are running. But, still after giving the whole time and energy to a specific task yet you are not succeeding in that. It seems like you are falling backward. And these are the stages where we should STOP, to figure the reason instead of pushing it unnecessarily and that can make the situation worse.

Is this the thing you really what you want?

The pressure of proving that your existence is worthy is common in everyone. The situation becomes more strained when to be in this Rat Race we neglect ourselves. We only concentrate on showing them by doing whatever they expect. And here we lost already. Because maybe today we can survive this but in future we left with only regret and disappointment.

So, you should stop and ask yourself this,

Is this really what you want?

And the Golden Tip here is:

Be Honest With Yourself.

put no pressure on being more

And you need no one else to complete you.

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Don’t push yourself when you’re done.

Everything is fine until we don’t cross the border of Passion and reach to the area of Obsession. Obsession is very different from passion because obsession brings the negative emotions like jealousy, insecurity, inferiority and the biggest draw of this is that it stops our growth. So don’t push yourself necessary because of these negative emotions. Believe in yourself and your work. You will definitely succeed.

pressure due to over thinking

Something are just meant to happen at a certain time.

Don’t think too much.

Mind is like a blessing to us because we don’t even about all its mysterious features yet. And one of the features is that it takes from surrounding and keeps it. And this will frustrate us. We keep on thinking about the situations, consequences and even hypothetical events and result of all this is zero.

But, you have a choice keep only those things in your mind which are helpful.

And here you should understand that,

Don’t think too much.

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We in getting the top position in this Rat Race lost our identity. Forget our real goals. Thus, we need to tell ourselves to stop.

Don’t rush for achieving the perfection; your flaws are what make you perfect so embrace them.

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Sharing is Caring-