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Valentine’s Day is near, so I thought to dedicate this blog to the “Day of Love”. I often used to wonder the story behind Valentine’s Day. So I’m going to start this Online Journal with shedding some light on Lovers Day History.

Valentine’s Day (February 14), also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine is acknowledged as a cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance and romantic love in many regions around the world.

According to legend, Saint Valentine of Rome got imprisoned for performing marriages of soldiers, who were forbidden to marry and for ministering Christians persecuted under the Roman Empire.

The day first became associated with romantic love in the 14th century by Geoffrey Chaucer, when the tradition of courtly love flourished. In 18th-century England, it evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards (known as “valentines”).

– Source Wikipedia

For detail information you can check out Wikipedia, or the best Google.

Starting with the knowledge of history is the best start one can make. For those who know their histories well, can mold a great future ahead in their lives.

In today’s world, Valentine’s Day has become more sort of cliché, with set boundaries and confines, mostly confined to the idea of better halves or soul mates or significant other.

Why is it that people look forward to spend this day with their boyfriends/ girlfriends? And those who are single are frantically searching for a partner to spend their week of valentine’s and the day itself, with him or her.

When was the last time you spent Valentine’s Day with your family or friends or with yourself, treating yourself in a way you should be treated?

Have you ever gifted anything to yourself instead of expecting present from others? Cause from where I see nobody knows you better than you, and they might not be able to gift you something you really want. But there’s one person who can do that, and you know it’s YOU.

In this ever changing world, where people changes in a short span of time, one must learn self-love. A person, who knows how to reciprocate his love to his own self, is considered to be victorious in the battle of love and war.

This Valentine’s Day, I want you all to learn to enjoy your own company and those of your beloved ones, and prepare yourself for your inner fulfillment, to bring change into society’s perspective and give new meaning to the “Day of Love”.

Mr. Matthew Hussey, who is a British dating coach, YouTube influencer and writer, in one of his recent videos shared, “5 Mistakes people make around valentine’s Day.”

Single or committed, I insist, this video is a must watch.

Comparison is the Thief of Joy –

Why do we compare our relationship status with others? Why do we feel jealous if we don’t have someone to spend our valentine’s day with? Scrolling through our Social Media, seeing people uploading ‘lovey-dovey’ pictures of them along with their partners, we sulk and feel pity for our own selves.

We forget that we don’t know their history like literally. Do we know the story that takes place behind the curtains?

Just because we saw their few posts of a special significant day, we keep on moping and pouting for weeks. Without realizing life is known for its uncertainties, always toying with our emotions.

Have you ever stopped to take a moment and realize that you are just looking at its perks and not the disadvantages, that maybe you’re just in love with the idea and not actually ready to dive into relationship?

And instead of feeling bad about yourself and brooding about not having a relationship, maybe you need to live in the moment, count your blessings and cherish the people you already have in your life.

And remember, situations always change, maybe someone is waiting for you right around the corner.

Self-Love  –

I still and will always believe, the best person to spend your valentine’s day is with no one but you. Have you ever tried that? Spending it by thyself. Who could love you more than yourself? And don’t you all use #self-love in your posts? Isn’t it in trend? Then show some self-love and do me a favor gift something yourself this valentine’s day.

It can be anything from A to Z, that book you’ve always wanted to read, or that dress you saw in Trends, paying visit to your family or friends, or it could be taking that trip you’ve always dreamt of and if you’re feeling lazy maybe some Pizza and Netflix.

Unseasonable Presents –

One more thing that I don’t get is why everyone waits for this day or the week to present flowers, teddy bears or confectioneries to their loved ones? Why people need reason to gift something or anything at all? Have you ever tried gifting something to someone without any special occasion?

Ever heard, unexpected gifts bring happiness, words can’t describe. You ask why? Maybe because on any other normal day maybe people aren’t expecting anything from you. That is why unknown pre-birthday gifts make people more happy and teary than birthday gifts.

Handwritten Messages

The power of sweet handwritten notes is not hidden from anyone. People keep it as a symbol of reminiscence.

I know you all are busy folks and don’t have time for making handmade things, but the least you could do is write a short handwritten note whenever you gift something to your beloved ones. It means more than anything to them.

Few people demand handwritten letters or notes, but those who don’t doesn’t mean they don’t want it, or they don’t care if you wrote something for them, they would cherish it the same way like the demanding ones would, and even more maybe because they didn’t asked for it but you still beautifully penned down something for them, and trust me when I say, nothing would make them more happier, than that or anybody for that matter. Handwritten notes never go out of trend. In fact if anything it shows acknowledgement of one’s love and sign of gratitude.

Sometimes we are so busy and focused in maintaining the façade and matching our rhythm to the world, we forget what it’s like to just be ourselves.

So, this valentine I implore you, to look forward to all those chances life has thrown at you, to make thyself better. Sole or united, make this valentine about yourself.

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