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I am a fan of Sachin Tendulkar since childhood. I really adore him. But I always wonder, “What makes him so big, so different?” He practices a lot, he is passionate about his work, he knows all the techniques but I guess these things other cricketers also do, more or less. And this is what defines the success, I think.


People like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are most successful entrepreneurs that our era has ever seen. They all have an idea, they worked on it, they too are passionate but their work, then what makes them so special?

Are they just lucky? Or our life is a lie? Or is there any secret to success?

After all, who doesn’t want to be the most important and influential person? Thus, I guess everybody wants to know that why there are only few of them in billions who become the “greatest achievers” and leave a legacy to follow.But I guess I am really close to the secret to their success story, their speciality.

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We all have a perception that everyone of us encounters some of the other hurdles. The hurdle can be money, no opportunities, inadequate skills, bad timing or maybe fate. So we keep fighting them. Yes, we do it. We never stop. And, one day get tired and give up or maybe never we do not try because we are scared.

Maybe it is not making sense to you, but now it will because what is important to understand is that “We all are in a continuous state of war with ourselves.”

Yes. It is the truth. Our mind is the most complex thing existing on this planet.


Only the mind is responsible for your doing or not doing. So I guess this make sense now.

We keep jumping in past, present and future at the same time. We get stuck in random passing thoughts. It seems like we are multi-tasking but when we look around, we realize that we have no output and in addition to that, we have been whiling away our time. And yes, this is that point where we all feel like giving up, lost and tired.

And at this time, you take your hands off everything. But you should not! Because this is the time to make your move. You should understand that the hurdle is not outside, it is inside you. The only hurdle is, you. And, yes you are unique. So you must learn to control your thoughts, focus on what you want to achieve, and then you can get the maximum output of your potential.

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And that is what these legends do. They are also human, they also have flaws, they feel depressed and lost too. But they have understood that they are the only hurdle between them and their aim. And when you, like them, stop being negative of the criticisms or failure, you will also learn to stay focused on your aim. And their determination and struggle is a history now. A lesson for others.

So you should learn to control your mind and work hard. Let the world witness the moment that you will create.


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Sharing is Caring-