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It is clichéd that “Schools are the home away from home” and “schools are the second home to children”. Initially, schools were a home to children. They were taught, molded and were shaped to become a better citizen. Schools were considered to be home away from home as it was primarily safer. But does it prevail the same? The answer would be ‘no’.


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    A little lad who knew nothing about the world was slit in his throat. Pradyuman, an eight-year-old student, was murdered inside his school by his bus conductor. The mystery behind his murder is yet to be unearthed. But it has definitely stirred the emotions of every human. Rage and worries have spread like a wildfire among parents. Not just Pradyuman but every day we hear news of young girls being tortured and raped by lustful nomads. In an age where kids are taught about the world and of life, they are inhumanely harassed, abused and raped.

A child, who is a God in man, when are inhumanely tortured and murdered, where are we leading to? Would you still call India ‘a developing nation’ whose growth is belittled by these inhuman nomads?

The primary reason as to why these mishaps are increasing day to day is due to the lack of proper sex education and illiteracy. A child when young is taught about a good touch and a bad touch, a number of mishaps could be reduced. Still, it is a taboo in India to openly talk about sex and sex education. When it is taught right, nothing goes wrong.

The secondary reason would be the improper laws and punishments that prevails. The government should reframe it all and increase the severity of punishment. When the laws become strict, the nation would be revamped.

India lacks these and it directly attributes to this tormenting mishappenings. When education and law go hand in hand, India will never be blamed. A developed country without the status of ‘safety’ would be a nation not worthy residing at.

The following are the few ways that could pave way for a “safer nation”:

1) Sex education taught right.

Educating children about sex and sex education is the first step to reduce mishaps. Teaching them the difference between a good touch and a bad touch is not just necessary but to raise an alarm when mishaps happen continuously is vital. Skipping the topic of sex from our textbooks isn’t going to make us pure and an unadulterated soul, but “a kid taught right, never goes wrong

2) Literacy

Literacy and safety go hand in hand. When values are taught young, kids would imbibe those and be a good citizen. That is why literacy plays a major role in making a nation safer to live.

3) Installing proper safety measures

   It must be made mandatory to have a counselor and a surveillance team in schools. Properly installing CCTV cameras at schools and having a surveillance team to continuously look after the proceedings of a school would definitely reduce mishaps happening at schools. Children should have a clear mind and not an intimidated one. Thus safety measures must become mandatory.

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4) Strict laws and punishments

Though we create an awareness among the masses, it is the duty of the government to safeguard its citizens. The government must enact strict laws and harsh punishments in order to increase the safety of the nation. “A severed child is self-controlled” That is why laws are instrumental in developing a nation.

When these are reinforced mandatorily, our second homes would be worth living.


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Sharing is Caring-