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As we all know that wedding season is on. There are certain things which “A Newlywed Bride” is told to wear. It is said that there are some religious reasons behind it. But actually, scientific studies also reveal some health benefits of wearing ornaments. Let’s see why Brides wear SOLAH SHRINGAR.

1. Sindoor:-

Activates Chakras in forehead.
Keeps Brain active and alert.
Controls Pressure of Blood in the body.

2. Bindi:-

Controls concentration.
Retains energy in the body.

3. Kajal:-

Keeps eyes cool and clean.
Improves vision.
Treats various eye infections like conjunctivitis.

4. Nathni:-

A nerve in left nostril is connected to reproductive organ; therefore it relieves pain during child birth if nose is pierced at the right spot.

5. Mang Tika:-

Controls level of heat in the body.
Symbolizes good luck.
Evokes powerful seductive charm.

6. Earring:-

Nerves of ears connects eyes, therefore it improves eyesight.
It also associates with kidney and bladder, so it keeps them healthy.

solah shringar

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7. Necklace:-
Attracts positive and divine energy.
Keeps body and mind healthy because of metal properties in it.
Regularizes Blood circulation.

8. Armlets:-

Keeps energies of the body intact and doesn’t let them pass away from the body.

9. Bangles:-

Regularizes Circulation of blood in the body.
Strengthen bones due to friction caused by its movement.

10. Mehendi:-

Henna regulates the pressure of blood in the body.
It calms the nerves in the area where it is applied.
It also reduces heat and cools down the body.

11. Ring:-

Ring finger has a nerve which is connected to heart through brain.
So rings also control blood circulation and purification.

12. Thumb Ring:-

Thumb Ring stimulates the pressure of hormones
Rings are not worn in middle finger because it is connected to brain. Therefore it would lead to confusion and would hinder the progress of decision making.

13. Waist Band:-

Regulates menstrual periods.
Provides relief from period cramps.
Silver waistbands control belly fats.
Prevents saturation of fats in the body.

14. Anklets:-

Provides relief from joint pain.
Its jingling sound keeps negative energies away.

15. Toe Rings:-

The nerves are directly connected to uterus and passes through heart.
Regularizes menstrual flow.
Balances B.P. levels.
Absorbs polar energy.

16. Gajra:-

Its fragrance attracts opposite gender.
Gajra represents happiness.

There is lots of significance of wearing ornaments on various festivals and occasions. And this is so for a reason. Let’s not question the traditional facts for no reason because science has also agreed with the same.

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Sharing is Caring-