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To all the bright memories one has of their school life, how does a murder add up to it? School is a place where the parents send their beloved children to be better persons.  The government asked the people to send their children to school, to make the young generation the better future citizens of the country. But what if, the same school witness’s murder, not once but twice, how will one react to it?  Well, Ryan International School is one such school.

A seven-year-old kid, Pradyuman, was murdered in Ryan International School of Gurugram. The body of the kid was found in the school bathroom. The case was said to have been an open and shut case as the bus conductor was said to have murdered the kid with a knife. This shocked everyone.

The shock had just begun when a word from the bus driver came. According to him, even if it was the bus conductor who killed the child, why was none of the staff ready to take the child to the hospital? Why was he left there to die? He also claims that there was no knife in the toolkit of the bus and that all these drivers were threatened by the police in civil dress to speak only what they were told to say and nothing more.

ryan school

The school is said to have a poor past report, as another branch of the same school witnessed a child who drowned in the school water tank, last year. The charge sheet says two different things and the true reason for death has not been known. This creates a suspect in one’s head. What is it the school authorities have been hiding? Are schools no longer safe for the children?

It is said that there are three holes in the school bathroom and that one of the holes is so big that a person can very conveniently escape through it.

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All the local children are said to be going to the same school, as it is nearer to their homes. The parents of these children are scared to send their children to such a school.

The Gurugram police is trying to find a speedy and deserved justice to the school, so that the real culprit is caught and the students, as well as the parents of Gurugram, can relax.


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Sharing is Caring-