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Dowry? A price paid by bride’s family to bridegroom’s family or relatives as a custom.

This topic reminds me of a story.

There was a lady who was expecting a baby. Her mother-in-law once told her, “I expect someone who can handle our financial burdens and make us free from the entire financial crisis. MUJHE MERE PARIVAR KO BADHANE KE LIYE EK VARIS CHAHIYE.”

The delivery period arrived and the family got a baby girl. Everyone was happy except her grandma. By God’s grace, she grew up with lots of support of the family and became a great business woman at the age of 30. She paid off all the financial debts of the family. She earned lots of name, fame and money. She also knew how to manage household chores along with running a business. Overall, she was a very well established woman till then.



One fine day she had a conversation with her grandma. She asked her, “Is she happy that everything she expected has been fulfilled now? But her grandma’s answer was quiet weird. “Now that you have become mature enough to understand, I want to tell you something. Business is not meant to be carried on by a girl. You better think about marriage now. I am happy that you have earned enough money for your dowry and you have freed us from this burden.”

Why do we have such thoughts? The money we earned is for our own survival. Why should we pay it in dowry form to anyone? If a man can’t earn on his own, how he is able to handle a new responsibility called “wife”. What will he do when the amount of dowry comes to an end?

Even after strict laws, there are so many families who are still following this system. If the dowry is not paid; women are tortured by her in-laws. There are so many cases registered where women has to go through physical hurts. Many of them end their lives to protect their families from burden.

If a woman gets divorced after such dowry demands, her image is stained by the society. She gets the title of a “divorcee”. This is the reason that many women don’t raise their voice against such systems. Then they suffer depression and that lead to other mental disorders. We must not let social pressures influence us. It would be “you” who will be suffering in such relationships. This so called “society” won’t come for help.

Marriage is a bond between two people, two souls and two families. This bond is to be celebrated by both the parties. No one is bound to pay anything to anyone in such relationship.

“It is better to INVEST a good amount of money for a girl’s education than WASTING it in dowry”

A woman is not a commodity to be sold. Nowadays, women are earning much better than men. They have the skills of handling home as well as the profession at the same time.


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Sharing is Caring-