Sharing is Caring-

We all have been shamed for our bodies in our lives. Some outshine themselves while some get into depression. And when we hear the stories of those who outshine, they too are not so happy. This has been a problem for everyone and no matter what we do, people will find out new reasons to blame our bodies in some way or the other.

It may sound complete nonsense, but at some point in our life, we too have shamed someone on their bodies. It is quite simple. Passing a bad compliment as a joke is where it all begins. It beings with, why did you get a clean shave or when are you getting a shave?

It is simply none of our business. Just because you’ve heard someone say it and it sounded cool, doesn’t mean you have to say it. Don’t fool yourself. Be yourself. Think about things you say to people. It may have sounded cool to you, but even you may not like it if ever told to you, right?

In the case of women, it is more likely that we body shame them all the time. You look fatter today or you are all bones, is the first thing we always say to a woman we meet after some time. This has been our habit. Everyone does that and so we are compelled to do it. What we don’t know is what is already going on in that person’s mind. This may all sound like a boring lecture but let’s think for ourselves right?

Why do we feel it is okay to say something to someone but cannot take it for ourselves? Somebody has to think over it, what will we make of a world, if we stop thinking at all? Too many question marks and not one full stop do we find for these problems.

The height of a person is just our perception of an ideal person. Our perception can never be implemented on what that person really is or where he comes from. If you are tall, say 6’0 feet, 5’9 will always be shorter for you.

That doesn’t give you the right to judge him/her over their height or pass stupid comments on them. This also doesn’t make them any shorter. It all comes from the genes and no one has control over it. The company ads are earning a lot because of us but not helping us even a slightest bit.

White skin and black skin logic are considered racist in all the countries, just so you know. We don’t want to fall victims of it but we find solace is calling people black.

Are we all living double-faced? How long has it been? There are many things I’ve learned while writing this article. I hope we can make a change in this world and make it a better place to live in.

Sharing is Caring-