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A TV show that began its journey with a simple basic concept of Indian television with laughter, but received fame because the story were in the hands of Great thinkers.

It has been ten years to Sarabhai; and as every episode finished, audience began to expect even more from the serial.

But what surprises the crew and channel was that, the demand for the show raised only when the show ended. Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai was considered a normal TV show portraying the story of a middle class daughter in law and a sophisticated mother in law. But public had always underrated such a classic comedy based TV show.

Naturally with the low response ten years ago the show had to end and so did they withdraw it from the channel. But destiny has played its cards, soon the audience for Sarabhai changed. People started gaining that freshness while watching one episode of this show, all day stress was relieved watching Indravadan and Rosesh silliness. That classic show finally gained its dignity and worthiness within that span of years.


From personal experience, I still remember the day when I was down with high fever and no medicine was working enough to even get me up from the bed. I switched on my laptop and played an episode of Sarabhai. And as the world preaches, laughter is the best medicine.

Watching Monisha’s middle class behavior and Sahil’s helplessness, I forgot that I was ill and began to laugh with others. That is the magic behind this show and over time with the highest popular demand, the show had to come back.

This time with some different level of craziness, meeting expectations of the audience who waited for this day for ten years was definitely a big task, but they proved that if you do anything with your heart, it always becomes a success.


Promoting happiness and spreading laughter was always their motto, and even after a long journey of ups and downs in each characters real life they managed to always keep in touch. Probably as they say, the show had ended ten years back but we all took along a new family with us.

Even today the bonding they showcase on reel and on real, is something that we, as fans of Sarabhai, should learn. Working as a team even after a long break of ten years with the same enthusiasm and zero level of ego about their position is just commendable.

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Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai is a show that still teaches us that we all have something imperfect in our life, but we need to learn how to hide them and when disclosed how to laugh on them. How to live with a smile and turn something imperfect into perfect.

A show I would rate as 4.5/5, highest recommended show to watch in your list. The show is available every Tuesday on Hotstar.


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Sharing is Caring-