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We all are classified according to our religions by birth. We are told to follow certain rules throughout our life.

There are set of rules for prayers, dressing style, methods for offering prayers, etc. And we all follow them blindly. If we question them; it is called disrespect towards religion. Let’s see a story which would clarify this properly-

There was a temple in a town. The trustees of the temple did not allow the beggars to enter the temple because they disturb the devotees by begging.

One day, a 7 year old beggar entered the temple in search of his mother. Arati was going on inside. He began to search for his mother here and there. One of the devotees saw him and caught him. He shouted at him for entering the temple.


Suddenly everyone started beating him. “Can’t you see arati is going on and you are not allowed to be here? Why the hell have you come?” shouted a man in crowd. Beggar replied in a thin voice- “I ask for pardon if I disturbed you. But actually, I am unable to find my mother. People in my neighborhood said that God took away mumma with him (She was dead).So I came here to get her back.”

He further added- “I was so occupied in searching her that I couldn’t notice that I entered in prohibited area.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]But, you should be occupied in prayers instead of noticing who entered the temple and who has not. You were interested in beating me more than your “so called arati”. You left your prayers just to know why I have entered.[/perfectpullquote]

Just like this; sometimes we are so occupied in unnecessary things that the real goal remains unachieved. Those devotees could not complete their arati.

There is no method or cast discrimination for offering prayers. All are equal in the eyes of God. He just wants your love and respect – methods of prayers doesn’t matter. Just like birds, animals, insects and other living creatures don’t know any discrimination; we humans should also be the same.

We can celebrate festivals of every religion. We can pray to any God. We can enter any temple because God kept us united. It is we humans who has divided everything. Each person is blessed with same body structure, same color of blood, same sky and same earth. Also, most of the festivals of various religions lie in the same period, which signifies that no matter what religion you fall in- during this period you would be celebrating.

Income discrimination, caste discrimination, gender discrimination, region and religion discrimination should not get any place in temples. Everyone is EQUAL and everyone has EQUAL right at God’s place.

Impressing God by various kinds of dances and playing loud music is a fool’s approach. We should pray with a pure heart and mind. And while praying; our prior attention should be at praying instead of what is happening around us. Let’s not follow unnecessary “Rules of Prayers” neither should we discover new methods of prayers.


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Sharing is Caring-