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We all are aware that religion means belief in god and atheism means non-belief in the same. Religion is not just belief but a self-trust which is important for self-development. Atheism, on the other hand, is thought to be negative and frowned upon. What is important?

China as many of us know is a place where most of the people are atheists. They adopted atheism as a means of focus on their jobs rather than religion. One wonders how a person can live without religion. It is the main source of believing and hoping. Hope being the most important means of our existence is important for self-growth. We believe and so we exist.


There are many cases of suicides and major diseases where the victims had no hope or belief to keep them going. On the other hand, atheists believe in science. It has to be something with the belief.

It is widely known among the atheists that religion was known and practised and even written thousands of years ago. How can a person practice the same beliefs of that time in this modern age? Like in those times the pardah system was widespread but today such security is not necessary. We have all the new laws required for the safety of all men and women. To be precise here, pardah system was implemented as a measure of safety of women.

What more is added is the scriptures were written in the male dominant eras. Now the times have changed. Many feminists have been known to be staunch atheists as a result of this pure fact of support to the famine side of the society. It can be noticed that all the scriptures have humanity towards the females but have taken the side of the men. So this is one factor of atheism.


The religion teaches us to think positive. To have a belief that God is present in the times of sufferings. It teaches that there is salvation for everyone who practices religion. There is no doubt that a huge part of the world is religious. Many pilgrimages are done in the name of religion and also many sacrifices are done. The greed is left behind in religion and lakhs of money is spent in order to receive small blessings of God.

Through this one can know how both these are important for their merits. The merits are more than the demerits. But what is wrong is the fight between the two sects. When one sect kills the other in the name of belief, it is wrong. One should respect the other. The blind faith should be ignored and more of the humanity is to be practices rather than inhumane activities.



Sharing is Caring-