Sharing is Caring-

Today, our life has more or less become superficial due to the excessive presence and need for validation from Social Media platforms. An unfortunate reality and the harsh truth with regards to this aspect is the loss of fantastic time with loved ones and losing out on the relationship area. The need and want for strangers to like us has blinded us to the point where we are unable to see the thin line between public platforms and privacy.

Thus, in this time & era, we are also unaware of the stage where our relationship maybe dying due to our toxic surroundings and habits. Please read the rest of the article and see if the points as listed below raise red flags with regards to your relationship with someone special and important to you.

Also, please understand, though this article is primarily towards the relationship of 2 individual in love, it may also help you understand in case you are failing to nurture your relationships with parents, siblings or friends etc.

1) They take a long time to respond to your texts

When a person is involved in a relationship, he or she will always take out time for you. Of course if they are busy, they will take a while to respond, however, your texts will never go answered and the lack of intimacy or communication will always be taken care of in a good, acceptable manner, on time.  Therefore, if someone doesn’t respond at all or “forgets” or “missed” your messages, it should raise a red flag.

2) They keep a distance. It can be emotional or physical

A physical distance is when a person tries to avoid any/all types of physical contact, including keeping eye contact while talking. Emotional distance is when a person refuses to open up, or stops sharing things about themselves or their work etc with you. Something that came with ease doesn’t come up anymore in spite of constant efforts. Distance is a red flag.

3)Refusal to meet in person

If you make plans to meet but the person keeps finding excuses to avoid meetings, even if it is at a public place or in the comfort of your house and they do not even want you to visit them, it is a big red flag!

4) Your opinions, suggestions, ideas do not hold any value

If you make any suggestion be it for personal or professional gains, they are just shot down completely. If someone doesn’t even take the effort to at least consider what you were trying to explain or share, it is a red flag.

5) They only value you when they need you

Any relationship is successful if both the parties are actively involved towards making it better and stronger. If you are in a relationship and you realize you are given any importance only when the other person is in need or has a motive which will be fulfilled only because of you or your efforts, it is a red flag.

6) They do not involve you or introduce you to their family or friends

After an initial phase, once both are sure of the relationship, it is important to be introduced to people you care for. You can start from friends and then move to siblings followed by parents or whichever way is comfortable and ideal for you. However, if you are kept away like a treasure hidden in the ocean, it is not romantic or for your safety, it is just a big red flag!

7) You do not reflect in their plans.

Be it anything – long term or short term, you are not even considered as an option of being a part of the same. Red flag!

8) You are never the “Plus 1”

Any party or event or wedding or get-together, you are never going with them as their plus 1. You are not even taken as a friend or colleague. Basically, you are just left behind all the time. Red flag again!

9) Abra-Kadabra and whoosh!

The person you like or love or are involved with, suddenly vanishes! One day you were talking and then for a day or a couple of days and sometimes weeks, they just disappear without a trace. You have no clue about them at all. Not even their good health and well-being/safety. They are just off the radar and not guilty about hiding it from you.

My dear, it is also a red flag.

10) There are no issues if you decide to be with someone else or do not give them time.

If you decide to change your priorities and give them or invest your energy in someone else or something else and do not spend time with your loved one and they are okay with it, do not protest, do not question your behavior and are okay with not getting quality time from you and in fact, take zero effort in trying to ask you to be with them, it time to call the time of death of your relationship.

Now, these were few tips to figure out if your relationship is on the wrong path or the road with a dead end. You can take it in 2 ways. Either work to make it better, salvage the bits and try to strengthen the bond again or you can walk out.

However, please understand that to make any relationship work; both the parties and individuals need to make equal efforts. If only one person does all the work, I am sorry but it is not going to work and you are only hurting yourself. Thus either, evaluate everything, sit, communicate and decide to hold the reins of your relationship together or just end things on an amicable note.

Ending any relationship is always sad and it hurts, but it is better to do it yourself than be kept in the dark and be shaken hard to get you out of your dream world into a reality which will show you the harsh & bitter truth.

Sharing is Caring-