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Growing up in India, there are maximum chances, we at least would have heard about Yoga and its benefits. Worst, we even would have at some point been forced to attend a discourse or yoga class or workshop held in the neighborhood. Talking about the global factor, it sometimes is perceived that being Indian means you need to have a good knowledge about yoga to a certain extent. At least, theoretically, if not practically!


So, growing up in India or among yoga enthusiasts who keep talking about yoga every single time, we have the highest opportunity to excel in this field.

Nowadays, every single person can talk about Yoga, asanas, its benefits. Thanks to the ever available information online and offline. At such cases, it becomes necessary to flaunt a certificate to prove the point that you technically know better, than their half-baked knowledge.

So, here, let’s go about 5 reasons why you must opt for a Degree in Yoga.

1. You not just get healthy, physically, mentally and spiritually, you also receive a certificate

Certificates play a very important role in all walks of life. Having a certificate in Yoga proves you to be a healthy person, thereby increasing your chance of being selected for a job or university, as it also gives an opportunity to take classes too, if and when required!

2.You get to earn from the skill you learnt!

Everybody is aware about the benefits of yoga over other one-dimensional workout regimes. A degree provides you with a golden opportunity to earn, while educating a bunch of yoga enthusiasts, all around the world. This field is one of those fields whose hype will never come down.

3.You really don’t need to be the master of the field, all you need is a genuine interest to understand and spread light about the concepts

It’s not really highly difficult to learn. Plus, to receive a degree in Yoga is pretty easy as the focus is not to get all the asanas right, but understanding what they really mean. So, it really doesn’t take a genius to get a degree, but a genuine interest to learn and understand will get you pass it out in flying colors.

4. You get to learn, experiment and specialize all at the same time

There are so many version of yoga out there that the whole time you learn the best version that suits you. You can keep learning and experimenting all at the same time, finding what yoga is all about. It increases self-realization as who you’re, wanted to be and have to be. You realize that all you once believed at were so unreal and the real ones slipped right out of your hand.


5.You don’t just will get paid, but also the satisfaction that you inspired someone towards the right path

You motivated and inspired them. The feeling is the best! Once you get a degree, you become a certified teacher. Whether, you want to take it up as a full-time career or not, you always have got the right to teach any interested candidate and not just argue to learn yoga. Instead, you can teach them then and there.

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Now that June 21 is finally announced as the “International Yoga Day”, one can only imagine the hype and boast yoga receives. Thus, the above are the 5 reasons as why you must opt for a degree in Yoga.

Last, but not the least, it’s always but your interest levels and soul-calling. But, whatever be your reason, it never hurts one to have a extra added degree in Yoga that is all about benefits than anything else. So, what are you waiting for? Stop those long contemplation sessions and start out to find a degree course in Yoga.


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Sharing is Caring-