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What is literature? Literature is writing that is considered to be an art form, or any single writing deemed to have artistic or intellectual value, according to Google.

According to me, “Literature is the reflection of life.” Why is literature important? What do we gain from literature? These questions are answered below.

  • Develops one’s writing skills: When you read a book, you understand and try to bring in those concepts in a different way and try to make your own story. Isn’t it? Literature helps to develop your writing skills by making you think about the books you read and gives you ideas on what and how to write.

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  • It takes you to the past: Who knows what happened 1000 years ago? How will we know about it? Simple! Books help us to get back to the past to see what all achievements and what all happened during those times. Literature helps you to go to the past and also think about the future.


  • It makes one understand other cultures and beliefs: Reading about history, religion and other books, literature makes one understand their cultures and beliefs and makes one respect them and also experience them.


  • It helps us improve our critical thinking: Books have a lot of different contents, words, symbols used, etc and all these put in the book together, lets us think widely about it and makes us connect with the book. It also lets us think something out of the box.

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  • It makes us understand humanity and environment: Books always have an effect on us after we read it. The books though they have different stories, the basic line in them mostly, will be humanity which will make us understand the lives of people in and around us. It will also talk about the environment and places far off from us, which we can imagine to a great extent.


  • Makes you visit another world: Literature helps you in traveling in mind to other countries, cities, and places, meeting new people. It helps to make us realize the world outside making us expand our minds.

Literature thus expands, strengthens and grows our mind and lets us think out of the box.


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Sharing is Caring-