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~the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way it reflects or emits light.




~either of the two states of a person’s existence separated by death.

The color of life.


~the property possessed by the existence of a person of producing different sensations on the mind as a result of the way it reflects or emits thoughts.

If you’re to choose to paint your life today… What will it be? Remember, you’re the artist, not the canvas.

~Val Uchendu

What is your favorite color?

When I asked people about their favorite color most of them had to think to find their favourite color and rest of them just said black.

When I asked kids about their favorite color each one had a different liking and also had a reason as to why they like it.


“Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways”. ~Oscar Wilde


What does the term ‘favorite color’ mean to you?

It simply is the tendency of a person to prefer a particular color. What causes one to prefer a specific color? Psychology has given many reasons for this but, that is not our concern right now.

Let us see how the shade card of your life looks like. Do you spend time to choose your outfit for the day depending on its color? Do you match your tie and belt and shoes? Do you think of buying your girl- friend, wife, and daughter and mother something in a color other than pink or red? Since when did color start having gender? Do the different colorful stalls on the roadside attract your eyes?

Does the bright colored food taste better than pale one? Have you ever noticed how the color of a wall can change your mood to a level you wouldn’t believe? Try to imagine or recall yourself standing in some room with newly whitewashed walls. How did you feel then? Fresh? Clear in mind? Now try to recall yourself in some public office with crusted walls. How did you feel?

I bet you must’ve felt an urge to get out of there as soon as possible. Now imagine yourself in a hospital. How are the walls there? Pale yellow to off white. How do you feel there? Sad? Sick? Even though you aren’t sick, you get that feeling. Imagine yourself in a playschool. Bright colors everywhere! How do you feel? So, why, do you think children are always so cheerful? Their shade card has no fancy colors like magenta or turquoise yet their lives are the most colorful because their minds are never black.

When someone says black is their favorite color I wonder why black attracts them. No doubt it gives a very classy look but to prefer black is to prefer darkness is what I feel. The world turns gloomy. The romantic grey clouds turn the world gloomy when they become the sad black clouds.

Let us do an exercise

Without looking tell the color of the shirt you’re wearing. Could you tell it immediately or did you have to look down? No matter how busy you are if you aren’t able to tell the color of what you’re wearing then you’re working too much. The work if it isn’t keeping you mentally fit, then it is not meant for you.

The definition of “health” is the state of physical, social and mental well being of an individual. So if you aren’t mentally well you aren’t healthy. Keep your mind alert and cheerful. That way you’d work more and be less stressed.

Pump up your surroundings with colors to enhance your day to day activities. Keep a little plant where you work. Use colorful bottles for water. Stick colorful post notes around you with happy sayings on them. In short, splash your life with the colors of life!

Spread happiness spread joy!

Life is beautiful. Take off the dark glasses and let the colors sink in!

We are all colors of the same rainbow.

Sharing is Caring-