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Yesterday I was watching Ra.One when one scene of the movie hit me hard. It was a normal conversation between the protagonist and a kid which goes something like this-

G.One- Do you know every year 6 million people stop smoking?

Kid- Do they quit?

G.One- No, they die!

It may come across as a simple conversation between two people, but the message is loud and clear. Every year 6 million people die because of smoking and this graph is ready to touch the 8 million mark before 2030. So, the question arises again, why don’t people quit smoking even when they know its consequences? In my opinion, there may be two major reasons for the same:

1. They like it. You may call it addiction or whatever you wish. Such people will not stop smoking just because they enjoy it. They don’t regret smoking which makes it even more difficult to convince them to quit it.

2. One of the side-effects of nicotine is that it weakens your willpower. This is where the real problem begins. You’ve decided to quit but as the time passes and post-nicotine-quit-effects start appearing you can’t help but succumb to the urge. Many people fail to quit smoking even when they genuinely wish to.

We, in this article, will be talking about the second category.

Remember, people with clear determination-qualities can do it without any hack; what you need is just self-control and strong will power. I know someone, who after chain-smoking for 13 years, quit one day abruptly and still managed to handle the aftereffects.



Here we are going to discuss a few tips that may come handy if you decide to quit smoking.

Water is Life– Yup! That’s right. Water may play a vital role in your mission. Since water helps our body to secrete harmful substance out of it in form of urine and sweat, it will ultimately decrease the amount of already precipitated toxins and nicotine inside the body. Another situation where water helps a lot is when the urge hits you. Usually, it lasts for 5 to 10 minutes. Drinking a lot of water in this period of time will save you like an Angel.

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Abstinence is the way– Do you remember how many times you’ve pledged to stop smoking? Nope. The reason is whenever you pass by a cigarette shop you can’t resist yourself from buying one. It should be noted that any kind of stimulation may be uncontrollable for you so you better avoid that route. Don’t meet people who smoke for a few days. It’s biologically proven that when a smoker) sees somebody smoking, it provokes them to smoke. Give them any reason but don’t meet them until you’re assured. It’s a tough but effective way.

Back to home– You may be wondering what your home has to do with it. It does. When other ways seem to be falling apart, go back to your hometown. Go to some relative’s house or better go for a trip. The only condition that you have to keep in mind is that there must not be any availability of smoke within a range of 10 km. If you have to throw something in the end, you better don’t have one. Your grandparents, uncles, aunties and old friends will keep you busy enough to let you forget about smoking. Stay there for a minimum of 15 days and when you return you’ll feel lot stronger to avoid smoking.

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Hobbies are my favorite– Have a hobby, keep yourself busy. Be a fitness freak. Write poetry. Read books. If you go to the gym regularly, you can’t imagine how much better you’ll feel.

Friends and family– Tell your family and friends that you’re going to stop smoking. They may mock you at first but believe me, they’re your best wishers. They’ll support you, motivate you or maybe even harass you but in the end of the day, they’re going to make you leave this habit.

Vape, but carefully– Here comes my last suggestion, though I shouldn’t suggest it at all. Electronic cigarettes are a new trend these days. Those are not 100% safe but yeah, still are better options in comparison to conventional cigarettes. Many studies suggest that electronic cigarettes are 95% safer than normal cigarettes. Something is better than nothing.

All these methods are not result of medical research but common experiences.

Now, someone may ask me why do they need to stop smoking. I don’t think I need to explain that to anyone. It causes a huge impact on your personal and social life. Students with smoking habits are more likely to go in depression; they score less in exams and sometimes fall prey to other bad habits, like theft. People with smoking habits have blacker lips because the hot smoke from cigarettes kills your skin cells; also, it increases melanin in your epidermis.

You can never ever measure the amount of disrespect it is going to earn you among your family members. Above all it causes cancer. Some people may say they find solace in smoking but no, it’s just the opposite; people with smoking habits are more likely to go in depression.

Instead of searching your solace in such things, indulge yourself in some good hobbies. Cycling 10 kilometers everyday will do wonders for you. Read a lot of books…Novels, biographies, comics, anything will work.

I’m writing this article on World No Tobacco Day (WNTD), hope it’ll help you to welcome a new, better future in your life.


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Sharing is Caring-