Sharing is Caring-

Look around and find hesitation, fear, anxiety, stress and many troublesome feelings behind the cheerful smiles and gentle gestures. The ones carrying them might need someone to understand them, help them overcome, and make them feel worthy of living. They won’t tell you on their own about what they are going through, or what their thoughts are leading them to. In some extreme cases, they will simply fight deeper and deeper with their soul to set it free from the body as a final solution to all their problems!quit

Being busy with your own life is good. But be diligent to the state of mind of people around. May it be your family, friends, colleagues, or even co-passengers in public transport. The world also needs soldiers to fight internal emotional wars, protecting themselves and the others around!” Observe all people around you and notice when they are really happy, and what makes them really sad. Find time to ask them if they have had a bad day if you could sense it from traces of strangeness or unusual behavior. May be they would or would not share their personal issues with you, but then all you can do is, shed your own worries, think something good and then give them a bit of your positivity. “Start by sharing a smile and then diverting them to a positive topic. May be some jokes and laughing out loud would work. May be showing them some creative things would amaze them. Talking about your current situations and then slowly asking them about theirs, maybe they would speak up. Then try to understand or simply listen to what they have to say.”  depressed

The depressed one next to you should feel relaxed, that there is someone who cared to listen and tried to understand. Finding solutions to it is the next step if at all possible and required. The ultimate aim is to never let people around you feel alone, giving them less chances to be depressed.

The same goes for us as well. We also need the feeling of self-care, when we are down, so that it would prevent worsening our mental health. “In your busy schedule, find some time for the things that you like. Think what all you want from life. It’s an empty canvas, paint your dreams, believe in them and live up to them, but get back whenever you fail. In this powerful process, there will be less room for stress and more for hope and excitement in life.” Practice your hobbies, keep your passions alive. This will take you a step ahead in feeling good. Spend time with nature. Go take a walk in a fresh place may be a park, a beach or the terrace of a building with the sun setting sideways after its tough job of giving out heat and light to one part of the world!



“Imagine, if ever the sun gave up shining, the oxygen gave up on being generated, the water gave up on evaporating or simply the earth gave up on bearing all the weight as of now. . . Where would we all be? Nature never gives up (until we humans cause all its alterations, that’s a different topic though). We humans are also a part of nature. All the beauty, the strength, the potential, the zeal lies within us. The ideas, hopes, imaginations, love, peace lies within us. Our life starts with a cry, but it’s not meant to end with the same! God has given ample to each one of us. Every body part of ours is more precious than any jewel could ever be. Every breath that we take is an opportunity to make life the way we want.” The relations that we share with people around are the essence of life, and the people to whom we are born, are our divine light! The teachers who have taught us have invested in building the future of the country. All because these few heroes do care! They do feel for us, want to see us happy and prosper. And these true relation holders do not want anything in return of the love and care that they bestow upon us. If we find ways to move ahead in life in the appropriate direction, that’s the best gift which we could ever give them!

The next time you see someone unhappy, stressed, or depressed as we call it, involve nature to get them healed. Nature works in a synchronous manner, without giving up on a single thing. And rest of the living creatures is dependent on it. We too have someone dependent on us. “The nature doesn’t give up, we too shouldn’t. After all, we are also a part of nature and also have that extra capability to think. So let’s use it for the betterment of ourselves and others.”

Sharing is Caring-