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Hey there! How does it feel without the black veil? Prevailing over your sights and rights? How does it feel to see things 50 miles ahead of you because you don’t have a hijab blocking your eyes? How does it feel to talk out loud, to force your eyelids go up and not always down. How does it feel to be not married off with a doll in your hand, not laughing with your peers all day in sand?

How does it feel to wear the shiny bright yet devil’s contraption, to always remember, the nail polish? Does it catch the sunlight when you’re out and shines with a twinkle at the corner? Does it smell?


Is this the smell of freedom, liberty and not weariness, fever and fret?

How does it feel to wear the sleeveless, showing your hands to the rest of the world? I never understood what is so fascinating about a hand that it has to be covered all the time.

Do you know? Perhaps no. How does it feel to feel the breeze brushing up against the skin of your arms saying what Sylvia Plath used to say “I am, I am, I am”.

How does it feel to travel around the world without a man hovering around you to protect your pureness? How does it feel to live every second rather than being disposed of in mundane.

How does it feel when you go abroad for education? Because you get to know a lot about lots. How does it feel to not break out a scandal by reading Lolita in Tehran?

How does it feel doing all these and no people hounding for your heads, to butcher it down? How does it feel to live, without trading your self-respect down?

I don’t know how it feels. I don’t know anything about what I told you now. When I look outside the window, I see terror. People dying in Kabul, Islamabad and Afghanistan.

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I see blood everywhere. I am a teenager of 15. My breasts are saggy, my tongue is little tied… by society. I love to travel. I love to write. But above all of it I want freedom.

I don’t want to say big words like I want world peace or these stupid people who made these stupid rules to stop, cause I may not live that long. I want to escape, I want to fly, and I have no means of it. Countries won’t lend me visa because I seem a terrorist.

People will blame me for being born in a Muslim family. So it comes down to this: all you who gathered here to read my post, you’re lucky to be where you are, born where you are.

Don’t encourage violence. Don’t kill each other. Because once it starts, it sets off a chain of events and before you can do anything you’ve vanished like Syria.

Not all of us are terrorist so stop characterizing us, cause then you’re just blocking another way for us to escape all these. It’s not hard, try it and you’ll know.


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Sharing is Caring-