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Just like every other day, it was very calm but then the rain showered. The lush green grass smelled as fresh as the freshly picked water lilies. After the rain, the birds spread out their wings for drying. Window panes shone brightly as the sun rays fell on them, creating the glittery background. The rickshaw puller finally came out of the shade he hid under to save himself from bathing naturally.

The evening had a loud but soothing uncommon silence. The wind blowing around whistled in everybody’s ears while the clouds moved around all over the sky, chasing each other, making different shapes, reminding me of the childhood memories. Nature is the most beautiful canvas painted with the resplendent colours. Straight down the lane, small kids with the paper boat in their hands were all ready to cross the small oceans on the street, carefully, preventing the ‘Titanic 2’. It was all a different spice to the same dish of rain.

imagination defines vibes


But, was it all the same for Rik?

What was he doing, standing still, staring towards the distant heights. What was he really staring at? Was he waiting for the shower to halt or was he counting the endless drops which were about to fall..?

Let’s reveal the secrets now.

Rik stole a drop from the millions pouring and kept it on his palm, like graphite lead in the midst of a camouflage. His nerves enjoying the smell of the water droplets. For all he had was realm, totally dark. A majestic world in front of his groping eyes. Destitute of vision, Rik could only taste the feeling of the precedent description.

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Doomed, aren’t you? An alluring cosmos but all the open-eyed see is low spirits. Why? A few poor words that people mumble for a rich soul justifies their inability to see the beautiful artistry of that soul. People are so dipped in negativity which leads them to ignorance towards the vastness of natural ethical beauty.

For Rik, his life may just have a hundred shades of black, but still, has a soul painted with gold and a heart with abounding colours, and could imagine the scenic beauty that evening with just a droplet in his hand..!

‘Pathless Woods,

There is rapture on the lonely shore,

There is a society where none intrudes,

By the deep sea and music in its roar,

I love not the man less,

But, nature more..!

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Sharing is Caring-