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As promised, we are back with some incredible qualities of Prophet Muhammad – the founder of Islamic religion as well as Quran – The holy book of Islam religion.

In our previous post, we learnt how qualities of Lord Christ can help us in facing any kind of pathetic situations with courage and fearlessness.

In the same way, today we are going to take a look at some of the incredible qualities of Prophet Muhammad. After all, every religious saint has something good to offer to the society and as the saying goes, we must always take virtues of everyone and ignore their flaws.


Keeping this in mind, let’s proceed ahead:

1. Able to express himself:  Even though he was unable to read and write, Muhammad was able to express himself clearly in a very decisive manner.

2. Courageous: Muhammad was very brave and courageous and was praised for his bravery. He is a deep inspiration among Muslims and non-Muslims throughout the countries.

3. Dedicated:  He was dedicated to carry out his mission and spread the message over the entire world.

4. Friendly: He was very much friendly and considerate to everyone he knew.

5. Generous: Mohammed was very generous and would offer everything to the needy. This is applied to everything including gold, silver, animals, food and drink.

6. Hospitality:  It can be said that he was pure form of Hospitality and served very well to his guests and companions. He taught his companions, to be the best of hosts to all their guests, as a part of religion.

7. Justice:  Justice was his ultimate goal. Irrespective of any caste or creed, he used to make equal decisions in dealings, including business deals as well as giving judgments in any way.

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8. Noble: Prophet Muhammad was found to be the noblest man among all. He was known for his honorable background.

9. Oneness: He is most famous for his proclamation of Oneness of Allah also known as Monotheism.

10. Straight forward and Tactful:  He was always straight forward in his speech and used limited words to convey the message. An unnecessary talk was useless and unproductive to him.

11. Unmatched: He is known as a man who influenced maximum lives during his time as well as for all times to come. According to one of the well-known writers of USA; Muhammad was ranked number one among the persons who influenced people around them. His choice was questioned by many and it still is. This also surprises many people. However, there’s no second thought in saying that he was the only person successful on religious as well as secular levels.

12. Wali: This word is somewhat difficult to translate in English as its exact meaning is still not found.

According to some people, this means “protector” and according to some it means “darling” and others just consider it as “Friend”.

It seems to be very close to the word “ally”. Prophet Muhammad was the most trustworthy and loyal among all human beings.

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All secrets revealed to him would always remain secrets. While in authority, he was found to be the most trusted ones.

These qualities of Prophet Muhammad are truly inspiring and one can definitely adapt them in their lives to be a real human.

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