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So, the Supreme Court placed a ban on crackers in Delhi on October 9Th. There was a lot of fuss about it by the cracker retailers and the manufacturers. A petition challenging this ban on the sale of crackers was also filed, which was later rejected to be modified.

Now, Diwali is a festival of lights. People are very much excited for this festival. They travel to different places and often spend a lot of money to celebrate it. It is pretty obvious that people were not happy with this ban. Supreme Court made a statement that the ban is only on the sale of the firecrackers and not on bursting the crackers.

For some, it was a relief. But in a country like India where every little retailer earns a little more on diwali by selling some crackers can be affected by this. Also, many businesses are completely dependent on this; a sudden ban can be proved a factor of heavy loss on such factories or businesses.


Image Source – Hindustan Times

Other disadvantages of this ban are that, in an economy where something is banned, people tend to forget their boundaries. It is pretty obvious that if the people are allowed to burst the crackers, now the sellers can sell these crackers in black. This ban is a mere exploitation on the pockets of many people. It is definitely a good initiative, but it is so untimed that many can fall victims to this.

Delhi is a place where maximum air pollution is caused. Banning fire crackers can bring about a change and also a relief to many. Many people will be spared some pollution. Some fresh air can be enjoyed in a place as such. But, one also has to see to the manufacturers and their rights.

It is pretty obvious that the ban is placed with a reasonable perspective. Long term planning was made before the initiative. They knew that the ban will not be completely implemented as there will be some people who will break the rule. Because of this, cracker bursting was not banned. Probably seeing to the reaction of this year, they might implement something new the next year.

What is good about this ban is that health of the people is kept in mind by implementing this rule. With this, many people will be spared of a lot of brand new pollution that follows diwali every year. It might also turn out to be a good initiative by the government.

Many communal issues have been aroused because of this ban and the government says that it is a shame that people are not seeing the perception. Let’s see what progress this ban brings to the environment and how badly the economy might get affected.


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Sharing is Caring-