Sharing is Caring-

The usage of technology is growing at a faster pace than ever before. Now almost all the things seem to be technology driven. It will not be an exaggeration if we say that today, life is impossible without usage of technology. In such a situation, even the children are not untouched by it. On many instances, children are better versed with the use of technology as they have no inhibition towards experimentation.

While in majority of aspects we can relax and enjoy this technological friendliness, in some instances we have to be extremely alert and careful. One such beneficial but equally dangerous technology is the internet usage.



Now-a-days we see parents providing their children mobiles, ipads, laptops, Televisions with Internet access and so on. Not only this, these children are given unhindered access to unlimited information available on the internet. It is then, when this boon becomes a ban. Unfortunately, very few parents realize that there is a bigger jungle of dark net waiting for which your child can be a prey.

The biggest recent episode has been that of “Blue Whale”, where many children gave up their lives because they were provided free unmonitored access to internet. To many it may come as a surprise that how the children’s activities and behavior went unnoticed. Still, we cannot overlook the fact that children have the capability of outsmarting anyone if they really want to especially when it comes to technology usage. It therefore becomes the responsibility of parent to strike a right balance. It is not feasible to cut off the kids from technology altogether but certain precautions can save from repenting later on.

The precautions which the parents may take while giving the technological access to their children are as follows:-

1) It is very important to be around when the child has access to the internet;

2) You must know what the child is browsing or watching;

3) Limit the time allotted for internet access;

4) Put lock on the access to the Internet by password protection and do not share it with your child. Provide access only when required;

5) Secure access by multistage locks on platforms that provide unlimited information access like YouTube, PlayStore, Google, etc.

6) Make sure you put the settings on Restricted Mode on platforms like YouTube and also set the appropriate content categories as well as filters;

7) Keep checking the browsing history of your child;

8) If you lack information about the app or content your child needs to access, then don’t hesitate to gather information from the internet;

9) Make the child aware about the potential dangers by talking to them;

10) Tell them never to share any personal details anywhere;

11) Not to open an e-mail, message or app they are not aware about;

12) Never get in touch with a person they met online;

13) Use internet gadgets preferably at a place that is central in the house and can be easily monitored;

14) Encourage a child to share everything with you


Thus, instead of getting intimidated by internet you can use it for the best advantage of your child by little alertness and care. It is rightly said, excess of everything is bad. Excess of freedom that compromises the psychology or security of child is not advisable. Decision is yours, because the child is yours.




Sharing is Caring-