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In our previous post, we had seen positive words in alphabetical order that can be used in our daily life to have a positive language. Positive language leads to positive thinking and this changes our lives.

However, it is not easy to change our daily routine language in just one day. It takes time. But, once you start using positive language in your conversations, you must stick to it. It will take time but practice makes man perfect.

In this blog, we shall discuss some of the ways through which you can practice positive speaking on daily basis until it becomes your habit and gets fit into your subconscious mind.

5 Ways to get positive language in Daily Routine:

1. Maintain a Journal:

Write just for five minutes on any topic in this journal. You can write your own thoughts or get material from somewhere, write whatever you like. Check what you have written and identify the negative words if any such as can’t, don’t, shouldn’t, won’t and no.


Rewrite the sentences that contain these negative words and then try to use words from positive vocabulary to replace those negative ones.

E.g.: Don’t throw the waste everywhere – Use dustbins to collect waste.

2. Review Rewritten Sentences:

Perfect positive vocabulary can be developed only with written communication. Writing helps you to get good command on positive language.


Always go through your emails, messages, blog posts and social media updates before sharing them. Remove every negative word and replace it with positive ones. Try to make every phrase positive.

3. Observe others When They Talk: 

When people speak, just listen to their words. Let them speak what they are speaking, just listen and find out how many negative words they spoke.


Listening can teach you a lot. Find negative patterns and just think how these can lead to a negative message. Thoughts become words, words become our language.

4. Observe your own speech:

Well, this can be somewhat difficult at first but then you will be able to do it easily. If you find yourself using negative speech patterns, stop and correct them on the spot.

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Leave thinking about people around you, just stop at that moment and reframe the same with positive terms. You can upfront inform your family and friends that you are practicing to use positive language in daily life.

Who knows people may join you and they may also start using positive language! Magic happens within a nanosecond.

5. Think before You Speak:

It’s easier said than done. It’s equally difficult to put them in practice.  Initially, it will be a little tough but slowly and gradually, you will be used to it.


Take your time, organize your words, prepare it properly and then translate your thoughts into positive words. This will make an impact to the listener.

Following these five ways on regular basis, you will definitely master the art of speaking the positive language, thinking positive and living an inspiring lifestyle.


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Sharing is Caring-