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Many times we have heard people saying ‘Use Affirmations” to get positive energy. However, what I believe is, Affirmations are good but what if we pay attention to our day to day language that we speak.

Do we speak more positive words or negative words? If I say I don’t want to use any negative words in my speech then do I have a good amount of positive words to replace them? Is my positive vocabulary good enough to help me avoid speaking negatively?

The answer can either be yes or no depending on person. If you have a good storage of positive words then it’s time to change the speech pattern and adopt the positive speech flow. If you don’t, then here in this blog, we will help you to build a good positive vocabulary for a positive life.

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Positive Words that can be used in our day to day speech:

I will list here few positive words from A to Z.

Alphabet – A                                                                                                                                                                                    –     –                Achievement

–         Addition

–          Accepted, acceptance, accepting

–          Authentic

–          Appreciation

–          Affection, affectionate

–          Alert, Amazed, Amazing

–          Ardent

–          Adventurous, Alertness

–          Ambition

–          Accuracy

–          Adjustable, Affable, Acumen

So there are quite a lot of positive words that A has given us. Now, let’s look at what “B” has to offer

          Alphabet B:

–          Bold, Bright, Beautiful, Beautify

–          Best, better, benefit, blissful, blossom

–          Ballistic, Blazing, buoyancy, briskness

–          Brio, beyond, beingness

–          Beauty in all things, blood brothers

–          Blithesome

–          Badassery

–          Boho-soul

–          Big Vision

–          Bonus

–          Blossoming

More are yet to come. Let’s see what positivity letter “C” has to offer:

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    Alphabet C:

– Celebrate, Charm, Comfortable, Carefulness,

– Compassionate, Competent, Concentration, Compassion

– Consistent, Content, Closeness, Companionship

– Courteous, Curious, Cool, Chakra, Clear Headed

– Charismatic, Connected, Connection, Cheers,

– Congruence, Cordial, Co-creator, Cohesion

– Creative Process, Capital, Corking, Conquer,

– Cute, Confident, Confidence, Consciousness, Consistency

Now, let’s see what positive vibes D has for us

   Alphabet D:

– Dazzle, Devoted, Dandy, Delight, Decisiveness

-Desire, Dedicated, Dazzled, Discipline, Discovery

– Deservedness, Deservingness, Disidentify, Dope Chill out

– Debonair, Detachment, Defenselessness, Deeper part of you

– Diligence, Delightful, Dependability, Dreamy, Dynamic

–  Dignity, Duty, Divine, Daemon, Decent, Delicious

This is how D inspires us. E has lots more to say about positivity. Let’s see here

  Alphabet E:

– Empathy, Easy, Educate, Efficient, Enable

– Energize, Engage, Enough, Eager, Elegance

– Excitement, Equanimous, Ecstatic, Elated, Enthralled

– Exuberance, Expressiveness, Emulate, Earnest, Elevated

– Enlivened, Eudemonism, Ease of mind, Exsatisfy

– Enormous, Eudemonia, Ebullience, Effortless, Embody the love, Ekaggata

And lots more from E. You know the word list is endless. F for friend, F for Fine; what other inspirational words does F have? Here are they:

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 Alphabet F:

– Feel good, Flourish, Forgive, Friendliness, Fulfilled

– Fantastic, Food, Feistiness, Funerific, Funology,

– Flawless, Fantabulous, Funny, Fondle, Fortitude

– Fortitude, Frugality, Freecycle, Fidelity, Focus

– Faith, Fair, Fun, Freedom

F seems to have limited inspiration. Don’t worry we will find more. G is for God; what more?

 Alphabet G:

– Generosity, Genius, Genuine, Good, Goodliness

– Godliness, Good Fortune, Gypsy, Generator of life, Grace,

– Give, Gibigiana, Gigil, Goodwill, Grant, Grandiosity

– Groovy, Giddy, gratefulness, guide, Gargantuan, Gemutlichkeit

G says the best positive word God starts with me, so no need of further positivity; just join with F for Faith and your tasks are done. Now, H has something to say about inspiration.

 Alphabet H:

 Harmonize, Heroism, Holy, Halo, Heartfelt

– Heedful, Harness, Heightened, Highness, High,

– Honest, Healthy, Humble, Heaven, Holistic,

– Holy spirit, Huge, Honor, Hospitality, Human, Humor

H is in dilemma that God lives in heaven. So, heaven is the most positive word. I say I myself am an “INSPIRATION”.


  Alphabet I:

–          Inspire, Inspiration, innocent, inflammable, idealism, indwelling, illustrious

–          Ichariba Chode, Ikigai, interconnected, Inner spirit, intuition,

–          Innovate, Improvement, inner peace, Insight, intensity

–          Intimacy, illuminated, incomparable, inquisitive, invest, incredible.

–          Ineffable, intrigued, invigorated, intrepid, infinite, iridescent

Much more “I” has to offer in terms of positivity. Let’s take a look at some of these from J:

   Alphabet J:

–          Jubilingo, Juvenescent, Joyous

–          Joke, Jolly, Justice, Jubilant

J has is little bit less positive. Same is the case with K:

 Alphabet K:

–          Kalon, Kind, Kindness, Kinder, Kiss

–          Knowledge, Kaajhuab, Koibito Kibun

K and J offer similar positive vibrations. But L has something more to say:

 Alphabet L:

–          Laugh, Love, Learn, Like, Look

–          Leader, Live, Long, Luxury

–          Lovely, Love, Lust, Let go

–          Light hearted, Liveliness

–          Liberty, Loyal Love

L is to show spirituality and true emotional feelings. L seems to know all those things that humans crave for. M is for money and lots more…

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  Alphabet M:

–          Motivate, more, miracle, Modesty, Mind blowing, mindful, mutuality,

–          Movement, Meliorism, Morphing, Moving, Magnetic to Love, Mirthful,

–          Myriad, Mastery, Maturity, Marvelous, Merit

–          Magic, Majesty, Mourning, Mench, Mindsight

And lots more, M is a good positivity booster. So is N.

    Alphabet N:

–          Nature, Nurture, Neat, Nonviolence, New

–          Nourish, Non-resistance, Novaturient

–          Neoteny, Namaste, Nice, Nirvana

Very few but really effective ones, O itself is a part of PO” SITIVITY. Here is some more from this letter:

    Alphabet O:

–          Orinda, Overcome, Outcome, Orientation,

–          Obedient, Oneness, Outer nationalist, Optimistic,

–          Open minded, Opportunity, Optimism, Originality

–          Original, Onwards, Optimistic

O is definitely positive and P is equally the same as P is followed by O in “Positivity”

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  Alphabet P:

–          Positive thoughts, Perfect, Perseverance, Peace, Paradise,

–          Powerful, Practical, Presence, Proactive, Precision

–          Patience, Purpose, Pious, Pretty, Precious, Positude

–          Power words, Polite, Privilege, Possible, and Propitious

–          Pardon, Posilenz, Posiminder, Posivalues, Playful

–          Passionate, Please, Punctual

P has strong positive vibes as most positive words have “P” in the beginning. Q is for Queen and what next:

 Alphabet Q:

–          Quiet, quality, Queue, Quaint, Quick, Quiddity, Quiescent, Queenly

Very few but all meaningful; they add life to a sentence. Let’s see how “R” can create positivity in us:

  Alphabet R:

–          Respect, Radiant, Relax, Refreshed, Reliable, Religion

–          Romance, Renew, Resilient, Rapturous, Restore

–          Rejuvenated, Ripe, Reborn, Relent, Rose, Repose

–          Respect, Rainbow, Relieve, Relief, Real, Responsible

–          Righteous, Rest, Recognize

There are many more than described here. Let’s move to the next letter “S”. S for Sun: the giver of Positive energy.

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 Alphabet S:

–          Sun, Son, Save, Secure, Sure, Sight, See

–          Soul, Same, Smile, Scope, Soulmate

–          Sacred, Self-esteem, Serenity,

–          Sympathy, Symbol, Sweet, Spontaneous

–          Sexy, Support, Savor, Sufficient

–          Stupendous, Swaggy, Splendid, Smart

–          Sparkle, Stimulate, Shine, Spunk, Splendid

–          Stellar, Supercharge, Synchronicity

S has positive words that we use to speak good for someone. Let’s see how T responses to positivity:

  Alphabet T:

–          Trust, Truth, Try, Team, teamwork, Touch, Tranquil

–          Thrilled, Tender, Triumph, Thrive, Transparent, Temul

–          Thankful, Therapy, Tolerate, Time, Tact, Teach,

–          Tidsoptimist, Time optimist, Tenacity

T for time and lots more to find; how “U” makes you positive? If “U” are positive, world will be positive; everything depends on “U”.

 Alphabet U:

–          Unique, Unite, Unit, Upskill, Unbreakable

–          Understand, Unity, Unbelievable, Unimpeccable

–          Utter, Upgrade, User friendly, Unreal

–          Up-leveled

We can most of the antonyms have the letter “U” in the beginning. This shows that it is meant to spread positivity. What about V? Again “V” itself is positive as it denotes togetherness, unity.

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 Alphabet V:

–          Value, Valuable, Vigor, Virtue, Vow,

–          Versatile, Valid, Verify, Viable,

–          Vibrant, Victory, Vocabuleverage

V has few words that can be used in daily life yet these are powerful enough to bring strength and enthusiasm. Let’s look at encouraging words from “W”.

  Alphabet W:

–          Wholehearted, Whole, Will, Wish, Wow

–          Won, White, Worth, Wealth, Wise, Welfare

–          Win, work, Walwalun, Wondrous, Worldbuilder

–          Wisdom, Wonder, Water, Wellbeing, Wellness

–          Welcome

These words definitely have the power to encourage someone. “W” has lots more of this. Here, we go ahead with “X”

  Alphabet X:

–          Xenial, Xfactor, Xenodochial, Xenophile

Rarely heard them but now try to use them in your daily life and see the impact. “Y” has something more to offer…

  Alphabet Y:

–          You, Young, Youth, Youthful, Yes, Yeah, Yummy

–          Yugen, Yaraana, Yippee, YAY, Yearn, Yea, Yen

Short and sweet and easy to use; these words starting with “Y” can make your day positive. And finally, it’s “Z”; how this letter can encourage us:

 Alphabet Z:

–          Zest, Zealous, Zippy, Zing, Zany, Zesty,

–          Zippy, Zesty Life

Very little words to know from Z; however, these are really strength boosters. So, now next time when you fall short of positive words, remember to open this short dictionary. Looking forward to see your speech filled completely with positive words… Have a Zesty Life ahead…

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