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Sometimes you need to look forward to those around you. Okay. Read along.

They are the ones who help you make yourself. Just think, if you were on an island without the company of humans, may be just like Robert Christopher, would you be what you are today? Or would you ever decide to be better than what you are now? A simple answer. “NO”.

I do not say that you need to make up to their expectations. In fact, I detest being one like that. But you need to look forward to them.

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That girl who wooed your friends to follow her making you lonely. That guy who always found you uglier than his words. Those seniors who had fun bullying you. Those cousins who never called you to join them. Those fake friends who would come when they needed you. That partial teacher who favored only a few students. Those words of hatred and dislike when you failed someone’s expectations. All these are to be looked forward to.

At every such moment, did you not think to do something that would make them ask you to join their company? Did you not think to stand beautiful and then deny that hunk? Did you not think to befriend those bullies? Did you not think to be a better teacher at any given point? Did you not think to not hurt anyone? Did you not, after all, that, think and decide to go above them? You did. Yes. You did.

positive surroundings

If they weren’t there, you too wouldn’t be had been here. You might have been successfully growing but these factors would be toppings on your hard work. It’s only about how you take these. The pessimistic and optimistic in this case would yield same desire. To out-do them.

Being a pessimist, you would deny them, belittle yourself, and then when you get the opportunity, you take the chance, make the effort and there you are.

Being optimistic, you deny them, think better of yourself, look out for the opportunities, and when you get one, you make the most of it.

In both the cases, your aim stands one. To out-do them. To never be that person you had problems with.

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Dear pretty souls, them being bad or good isn’t important. It’s important that they are there. They are a help without them being aware of it. You take the help without making them aware of it.

So, my beautiful readers, smile now, for you know those people around you, are the tools you can use to shape yourself. Henceforth, take the help. Do not brood over their criticisms nor belittle yourself. You need to stand up. I can only light the spark.

See you back with another thought. Till then, grow with the smile.

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Sharing is Caring-