Sharing is Caring-

So as today’s technology gives you a good exposure to people’s status, many believe to just keep their status as simple as a quote.

One such status that I read yesterday, ‘Not every day is a good day but there is something good in every day.’ It sort of clicked instantly. And this quote in itself is so beautiful and deep, something really simple but it still says a lot.

We as humans often expect that every day of our life should be a good day. But as we grow up it is more of a disappointment with which we end our day. But why is it so?


Yes, I agree that as we grow up we understand that it’s not possible to have every day as a good day but it is always possible to find that little good, that happens in a day which has the power to make your day a good day.

A good day doesn’t have a definite definition. It is just like every other day, but the difference is that you value that day more than the rest of the days. Some celebrity responding to your questions, your first written work gets published; you go for a trip with friends or even when you cook something tasty for the first time. These little things are what can help us define our day as a good day.

But if you want every day of your life to be a good day, remember to value even the little good that happens every day. No day would end without having a positive effect, it is just that we overlook certain small things but they would have been a very positive and bright feeling for one’s life.

For instance, a year ago I attended a class where the teacher in charge told us how significant can a t-shirt make to a person life. Surprising, isn’t it? Well it made sense. Once she was crossing the road and she saw a shirt with a smiley face emoji and it instantly made her day, made her positive about life when she wasn’t in the right mood to hear any opinions or advice related to her, depressed within herself. A simple shirt helped her.

Well that’s why I believe that even a simple smile to a stranger, (Not to someone who isn’t safe enough though) but a smile to someone just crossing the road can make that person forget the little pains she was going through.

And the happiness you receive from making even the slight difference to someone’s life is just uncountable.

Remember to end your day thinking of what good you did the entire day and trust me, every day would turn into a good day.

Count your positives rather than the negatives.

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Sharing is Caring-