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Formal Education is not always equal to Knowledge.

Are you afraid of your results of the exam? Will your worrying change your percentage? Certainly not!

Education is said to be a ladder to success but it has never guaranteed success so far. We can see so much of educated unemployment in our country. Even after passing several examinations, one doesn’t get the desired job. Other countries give jobs to deserved ones; while India gives jobs to reserved ones.

In our country, education is quantitative instead of qualitative. The one who can read or write any language is defined as “Educated Person”. How much knowledge a person possesses is calculated by how many standards he has cleared. There are several ways of clearing exams. The person may not know even the basics, but if he has passed the exam anyhow – he is said to be educated, while the others who couldn’t pass are termed as FAILURE.  


Many parents think that percentage is the correct parameter to judge a child’s capability which is a very big mistake. This is the reason that even small children who can’t even pronounce “depression”- are facing depression. They get addicted to sleeping pills. They may even end up doing some crimes just to prove himself superior to others.

The weight of student’s books and bags are more than student’s themselves. Also, the pressure that they handle throughout the year is beyond imagination. Students are taught to compete with the classmates. These competitions sometimes compel children to do something undesirable.

Also, this burden has no fruits in future. Most of the syllabus includes the chapters which won’t be useful in future. They get so much of homework, assignments, and projects that occupy the maximum time of their day. They are unable to divide time between learning and completing homework.

Many students have to move to different city or country just because they don’t find any educational value here. Many of them face loneliness. They may not get healthy friend circle and they may become exploit.  

Another problem because of educational structure – Increase in suicide cases. Children who aren’t able to fulfill their parents’ wishes by getting highest percentage prefer to end up their lives. And then the parents realize their mistake. All children do not possess equal brain or understanding capacity. Let’s not compare them and let them be whatever they want to become wholeheartedly. That is much better than putting them under pressure. Many of us don’t even remember how much percentage we got in so and so standard.

We can find so many dropouts who are ruling the market in financial terms. This is because they never ran after percentage; they never wished for a perfectly planned life and they believed that they are able to bear risks.

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Sharing is Caring-