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Hello all! I came across this article in the newspaper today and I thought I should share few things about the same with you all. We have heard this line “Pen is mightier than a sword” and it is definitely true. Same way, now sword is being replaced by the word “keyboard” and I completely agree with this line too:

“Pen is mightier than keyboard”.

In this current scenario, everybody is busy living their lives with mobiles and other electronic gadgets. We cannot spend a day without electronic gadgets and that is how it has become nowadays. We behave like we cannot live a day without these. Oh, How bad.

There were days when the school students used to love switching to writing in a pen when they go to higher standards. But nowadays, even in schools we find that children are being taught lessons through digital gadgets like laptops and smart screens.

Also, blackboards are slowly being forgotten by both the students and teachers themselves. It makes it easy for the teachers to teach the class using powerpoint presentations rather than taking class with the help of a blackboards. Gone are the days when students used to take notes when the teacher dictates.

Now everything is done with the help of these weightless gadgets. Students too find it easy to learn with the help of these as they feel it is unnecessary to make use of pen, when they have access to typing in keyboards.


But where is this leading to? Writing is an art which is currently becoming outdated because of these electronic devices. By writing, one is more focused and more active as writing improves hand and eye coordination. If one wants to put in their thoughts correctly, then only writing is the best way.

Children of this generation are too much into gadgets that they share notes through whatsapp and messenger. Shocking it is, isn’t it? Children are being more distracted and inactive because of the development of electronic gadgets like mobile phones and laptops. It is not that these electronics should not to be used.

Yes, it should be used but only when it is necessarily needed. And when it comes to students who are studying in schools, they can use them only to do projects and in case of downloading books and other materials for reference.

Writing has a lot of advantages. It improves one’s memory and helps in organizing and structuring thoughts. In schools, students will have better learning outcomes and be more attentive in class. Writing also helps a person to point out their areas of weakness.

As writing has advantages, these gadgets have advantages too. They are faster and easier to send notes or convey messages and are also easy to record, download materials from online forums and also reduce time in terms of writing. The disadvantages of gadgets over writing include lack of speed in writing physically, lack of memorizing content, etc.

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Everything has an advantage and disadvantage like two sides of a same coin. But we should make sure we know what to do at what time. Writing helps a person to be creative whereas gadgets don’t. However technology develops, writing is something which is always appreciated and considered great.

Though people are busy typing in their keyboards, pen stands high above this in the list. Pen is mightier than keyboard in all the ways.


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Sharing is Caring-